Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Saint Maximon's Drawing Water Recipe

Saint Maximon's Drawing Water-

You'll need tobacco or a cigarette (optional but highly recommended)

A non-metal vessel

Confectioner's sugar

Different colors and denominations of coins

Small mirror (optional)

Fresh Basil (dried is optional)

One a Tuesday (preferably) offer some tobacco or a cigarette to Saint Maximon and then make this water to bless your home or business with prosperity and good fortune. Using a non-metal vessel, add coins of various denominations. It's important to use at least one penny. Typically, we abstain from lesser denominations of coins as the coins are representations of the amount of prosperity we want-a higher denomination means more wealth. However, for this we want the nice, rich ashe' of copper and it's conducting properties since we are attempting to open the pathways of prosperity to us and create a circuit of that energy. It's impossible to only have wealth flow continuously IN-some HAS to go out too-but this helps to create an open circuit so the flow is constant. Out but also in. Add your coins to your bowl and a small mirror if you choose. I prefer small square mirrors as the square is a symbol of wealth. To this, add about about a teaspoon of confectioner's sugar-more if your vessel is larger. It should be enough to cloud the water.

Then macerate and add fresh basil leaves and tops. You may use dried if that's all that si available. I'm making sure to do this now because our frost will be coming soon which will kill all the basil plants. Stir this mixture with your dominant hand and set on your altar so the basil can permeate the water. Then take the vessel and sprinkle the mixture at the front door of your place of business, the front door of you home, on your entry way rug, in the corners of your home, in your car-anywhere you make your money or wish for money to flow into. Bless!