Monday, March 21, 2016

Moma Sarah's Sealing Work

This is a less commonly known, or utilized, type of work that would fall under the category of "binding" work in most people's vocabulary. While I'm not a fan of the word "binding", as it denotes a permanence that just simply does not exist in life, I do believe in workings that can prolong and enhance the effects of drawing work.

Sealing work is another type of sympathetic work where you will need representations of the targets. I choose to fashion little cloth dolls. They are inexpensive, quick and they can be crudely made-perfection doesn't matter with these type of dolls. All you need is fabric glue (or thread and needle), inexpensive cotton fabric of appropriate color, felt for details such as heads, hands, feet, faces etc. (if desired) and a permanent marker to create facial details.

The work I am choosing to focus on in this entry is for lasting love between two targets. You could also use this work to cement a current situation. Say your sister just broke up with her loser boyfriend and you want to seal the break-up-in similar fashion to an ice jar. This type of work is applicable for that as well though that is a far less common usage.

You will need;

-A large, vessel type fruit-I prefer coconuts as you don't have to hollow them out and it is a "neutral" fruit which can be used for drawing or freezing work.
-Dollbabies or poppets to represent your target(s)
-Petition of goals/desires
-Strong string of appropriate color for your work
-Candles of appropriate colors
-Corresponding oil
-Corresponding herbs
-Corresponding incense
-An offering

Light your candles in order to direct the spirits to your work and set your offering(s). These can be fresh water, foodstuffs, black coffee, citrus, sweets, etc. ALWAYS give honor and payment FIRST before you set to work. To do it after is not respectful and it can often be a looked over or forgotten step if we wait until the end. This will ruin the results of your work, in my opinion.

Set a censer of incense to bless each item as you put it to work. Set one poppet inside each side of your vessel. 

The best way to crack open a coconut is to drain the milk by using a screwdriver to enter one of the three black circle on the end of the fruit. Tip the fruit over a vessel that will hold at least 2 cups. I prefer to use a measuring cup because then I can just sit it on the top and let is drain, versus holding it there. When choosing a coconut, you should be able to hear lots of liquid inside when you shake it. No liquid means it's old and dried up inside. Once drained, take a hammer and hit it along the pre-drilled line around the fruit. It will easily split into two halves.

Name (out loud) and dress each doll with oil and herbs.

For this work, I wrapped the petition for the client around the two dolls, which were placed face-to-face. These were then bound with pink embroidery floss, wrapping the floss TOWARDS me as this is the correct way for drawing work. AWAY from you is for repelling or reversal work. The bound couple is then dressed with molasses and further herbal mixture.

After taking some time over several days (at least two days, an hour each day) to pray over the dolls, evoke the spirits and ancestors for their aid, then put both halves together with INTENTION and PURPOSE.

 It helps to hold the two halves together by placing the fruit between your knees and start binding it with strong cord. Try to make even, concentric passes over the fruit. It is important that each pass be deliberate and focused on your goal. This really goals for EVERY step but especially your final one. You can then use wax dripping from your candles to further seal the vessel, if you choose.

Let sit on your altar for an additional 2-3 days with further prayers and blessings with smoke or holy water. Then dispose of by burying if it's work you wish to keep near you, or in a river or cemetery if it's repelling or reversal work.

I hope you enjoy this one!