Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sors Istennok; "The Destiny Goddesses"

Working with the fates is not about working with yet another deity, it is about honoring the biggest power of all- the cosmos, the universe. For me, magick is all about tempting the Fates into smiling upon you which blesses you with fortune. It is about accepting the cosmos' ebb and flow around you, seeing their is meaning in everything and that we are connected to everything-everything is magick. They teach us we must give to receive, we must be compassionate to be understood, and must see ourselves in others. Honor them and they will bestow fortune and grace upon you.

A prayer to Sors Istennok-
O holy and most praiseworthy ones, Faith, Hope and Charity, and wise mother Sophia of these glorious daughters: to you do we now hasten in heartfelt prayer, for what better representation can we have than faith, hope and charity, the three cornerstone virtues, which, bearing their names, ye embodied in fact. We entreat you to shield us, save us and keep us in every sorrow and trouble, because you are good and loveth humankind. We pray that your Mother Sophia's glory, like a sun that never setteth, be with us in our humble prayers; may the Godhead forgive our sins (mistakes) and iniquities (transgressions), and have mercy on us who are forgetful of our Being-ness. Pray indeed for us, ye holy daughters, also unto our Lord Jesus Christ the Son of Man, and the Holy Bride Magdalene, to whom we practice to be present with, together with his Father and Mother, the All-holy, and Good, and Life-creating Sophia, who are from the Everlasting. We join our energy and our consciousness to the Everlasting the combined Godhead, merging with their presence now and ever, and unto ages of ages.

A prayer to Goddess Sophia/Isis/Inanna;
Praise you, Mother Sophia;
Praise you, Great Goddess –

Hail to you Aset, Holy Virgin, Mother of God;
You who birth souls to the Infinite and Eternal,
Whose grace is the Light of the Day of Be-With-Us!

Yea though I walk in the day of your mourning,
Yet with your Forethought I behold your joy,
And with your Afterthought I gaze into your heart –
The perfection of Light and Love, Life and Liberty!

Placing lotus blossoms upon your alter, and making offerings of incense and lights;
Envisioning the offering of everything good, in the heavens and on earth,
I worship in your Light-presence and call forth your Light-power,
Send the Opener of the Way before me,
Let the Spiritual Sun shine from within me:
O Mother, give birth to your Holy Child –
Empower me to go forth in the Divine Light!

There is Light and there is Fire, and your Great Spirit passing through;
One Aeon dissolves and another arises, but all is in you as in a Holy Womb –
You, the Portal of All-Worlds; You the Life of All-Worlds: You giving birth!

I pray, Holy Mother, that you might part your veil, that I might see you in all your forms,
And perchance glimpse into the In-between to behold your True Essence;
Such is my prayer, such my inmost heart's desire,
To know you and to love you,
To be at-one with you!

Ave Sophia!