Tuesday, February 23, 2010

7 African Power-Orisha Oils

I have worked very hard on these oils. When I began to work with the 7 African Powers, there were virtually no oils available to use. What was available was mass produced junk full of dyes and with no actual correspondences to the Orisha themselves. So what made it "7 African Power" oil then? Nothing.
It has taken me nearly 5 years to perfect the herbs, numbers, saints, colours, gemstones, and scents I use for these oils. A lot of research went into this oil and I believe it to be far superior than any other Orisha oils you will find. Information can be collected about these Orisha, but I experimented and tested each correspondence so I know they work!
You will receive all 7 oils in this set, each 2 fluid ounces each, in a charming glass vial with natural cork. Each vial is labeled with the Orisha's name and the saint they correspond to. While this infomration differs from region to region, these are the saints I feel work best and are most compatible with the Orisha named. Each oil contains the corresponding gemstone and numbers (ie. # of gemstones and drops used to create oil) to that particular Orisha.
Save some money! I sell these oils separately for $8.88 per bottle, you're saving over $20.00 it's like getting 2.5 oils free! A perfect way to stock your magickal cupboard and start working with these deities the right way!
Some practitioners use "9 African Powers" including Oya and Babalu Aye. These oils are also available and can be included in this set for an additional charge. I will also sell these oils individually. So if you have a patron Orisha and just want the oil for him/her please convo me and I will reserve a listing just for you and your Orisha!

Let me introduce you!

Eleggua (Legba, Exu, Eshu, St. Michael) is the Orisha of crossroads, doorways, and gates. He is the messenger of the gods- no Orisha can be contacted except through him, and his dress and conflicting mannerisms reflect this double-sided nature (he is sometimes depicted with two faces, especially in Yoruban art). Eleggua is also the guardian of the doorway between the earthly and divine realms. He has been compared to the Greek God Hermes, with whom he shares many attributes, and to the Hindu Ganesha. In Brazil, he is sometimes equated with Baphomet, and his symbol is a pitchfork. In Lukumi, he is a guardian of doorways, and effigies of Eleggua are used to protect homes. Oil contains sandalwood, musk, cinnamon, patchouli, patchouli leaf and 3 smoky quartz.

Ogun (Ogoun, St George)) is the chief of the warriors, the God of War, blood, and iron. He is the guardian of the forge, and the patron of civilization and technology. Not just a martial deity, Ogun is the archetypal force that drives technology. He is responsible for tools of progress like farming implements and surgeon’s knives. He is movement, impetus, force. Because of this, Ogun is associated with locomotives, and offerings are often made to him at railroad tracks. In Candomble, he is associated with St. George, the dragon slayer; in Lukumi, he is associated with St. peter. Because of his association with blood, Ogun is often petitioned for aid with blood diseases. However, because Ogun enjoys blood offerings, it is considered inadvisable to petition Ogun while menstruating or with a bleeding wound. Oil contains musk, frankincense, crushed nutmeg and 3 malachite stones.

Chango (Xango, Shango) is a warrior, the Orisha of lightning, dance, and passion. He is the epitome of all things masculine, and the dispenser of vengeance on behalf of the wronged. Shango was likely once a Yoruban King. He is associated with St. Barbara. His colors are red and white, and his best known symbol is the oshe, a double bladed axe. He is sometimes associated with Vodoun’s Petro Loa, Erzulie Dantor. oil contains Honeysuckle, cinnamon, and sandalwood, honeysuckle flowers and 6 garnets.

Obatala (virgin mercedes)is the creator God, of whom all of the Orishas are but aspects. His color is white, containing all the colors of the rainbow. He rules the mind and intellect, cosmic equilibrium, male and female. Obatalah’s counterpart in Vodoun, Damballah, takes the form of the primeval serpent. Obatala is considered to be beyond the sphere of direct communication; however, Damballah does possess his followers in Vodou rites. Damballah and his wife Ayida-Wedo, the rainbow serpent, are often compared to alchemical and yogic concepts of kundalini. Oil contains frangipani, ylang ylang, amber, lily of the valley, hibiscus flower, and 8 amethyst.

Yemaya (Yemoja, Iemanja) is associated with the Virgin Mary, virgin regla and the goddess Isis, and the most beloved Orisha in Lukumi. She is the Goddess of the Ocean and the moon, guardian of women, childbirth, fertility, and witchcraft. She rules the subconscious and creative endeavors. Yemaya’s counterpart in Vodoun is called Lasiren, the mermaid. She is related to Mamiwata (Mama Water), the African water-spirit. Lasiren’s symbols are a mirror and comb, giving her an odd similarity to the Pictish sea goddess. There is a common legend about Yemaya choosing her own students- that occasionally someone will disappear, sometimes for seven years, and return with tales of having learned the ways of magick and healing in her undersea abode. This trope appears in many cultures’ legends of sea goddesses. In Lukumi, Yemaya’s colors are blue and white; in Vodou, blue and green. Her offerings are often doves, but never fish. Oil contains lavender, lily of the valley, rose, lavender buds and 7 stones of blue topaz and clear quartz.

Oshun (known as Oxum in Brazil, Lady of caridad) rules the ’sweet’ waters- rivers, brooks, and streams. Oshun is closely related to Yemaya, and their aspects sometimes overlap. She is the goddess of love, passion, and sensuality, as well as money and prosperity. Her preferred offerings are honey, copper jewelry or coins (usually in multiples of five). She is most often associated with St. Cecilia, and in Lukumi, she is Our Lady of La Caridad del Cobre, the protectress of Cuba. Her colors are yellow and gold. In Vodoun, Oshun is known as Erzulie. Erzulie’s colors are shades of pink. While Erzulie and Ochun are very much alike, Erzulie has a vengeful, implacable aspect when angered. Her aspect Erzulie Dantor is a fierce protector of women, an avenger of domestic violence, and a patron of lesbians. Contains jasmine, neroli, cinnamon, anise seed and 5 coral pieces.

Orunla (st. Francis)is the Santeria God of Fate, owner of divination, and giver of wisdom to find solutions to all of life's problems. Orunala is likened to St. Francis of Asisi because of their simialr humbleness and simplicity. Orunla works transmitting the will of Olofi to those of us here on earth. All major decisions of the religion must have the approval of Orunla and an individual's guardian angel must be determined by Orunla though a specialized ritual consulting the Oracle. Orunla is the great benefactor of humanity and its principal adviser. He reveals the future through the secret of Ifa, the supreme oracle. Orunla is also a great healer. Whoever ignores his advice may suffer the curse of Echu (not a good thing).
Orunla's favorite animals and objects include kola nuts, palm nuts, and crocodiles. His power object is the ifa board, which is a percussion instrument used in ceremony. A whisk of horse hair is also used to drive away evil. Offerings to Orunla should include yams and black chickens. sandalwood, musk, neroli, red sandalwood chips, and 4 citrine stones.

***NOT INCLUDED IN THIS SET but are available for purchase-
Oya (Yansa) is the Goddess of Storms, Lightning, and cemeteries. She is a warrior, the wife of Chango. Her color is maroon. She epitomizes female power and righteous anger. In Vodou, Oya is called Manman Brigitte, the swaggering, rum drinking wife of Baron. She may be directly related to the Greek warrior goddess Minerva, through her Irish counterpart Brighid.

Babalu Aye (st. lazarus) is the Orisha who governs epidemics and heals infectious diseases. Though originally associated with smallpox, many of today's worshippers appeal to BabaluAye for healing from HIV/AIDs. Call upon his for any health matter, ut leave him an offering as he is overworked! His colors are brown, black, and purple. His number is 17. His symbols are two dogs and crutches. He is portrayed dressed in burlap. He is offered white wine, popcorn, sesame seed candy, and a variety of grains, beans, and seeds.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Luisah Teish's book "Jambalaya"


Luisah Teish's book Jambalaya blew my mind when I discovered it. It came at a time when I was discovering my own ancestry, my ties to new orleans and how closely I felt to voodoo and hoodoo practices. It deepened my spirituality on so many levels, as a woman and a witch. It is a book I can not wait to pass onto my daughter. Each time I pick it up (probablly once a year) I discover something new inside. A wealth of hard to find information and practices. It has made me who I am today and has inspired me and rooted my realationships with the orixa. I wish every book I invested in gave back this much. Check it out!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

NEW Saint Oils, Alchemical Candles, and Jerusalem Rose Water!

In the works for my hoodoo hunnies! More oils, waters, and magickal goodies tomorrow! Stayed tuned to ConjuredCardea.etsy.com

Marie Leveau Invocation Set

New Orleans legendary Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau, was a very powerful women. It is said she could fix court cases, persuade police, that her gris gris bags were sold for thousands of dollars and that she had 12,000 devotees of every color. She was a healer, a magician, a saint, and a snake handler. To this day, if you visit her grave in New Orleans, bring her an offering, draw 3 X's on her tomb and knock 3 times, and your request will be answered.
In this set, I have included a 1/2 ounce bottle of my original recipe designed to invoke and honor Marie. Created with rose, lavender, orange, and lime. A seashell and coarse sand from Vieques has been added, as she seems to like it as an offering:) Marie and I are close, I keep a picture of her hanging in my kitchen (she and my goddess-mother, who taught me much about magick, look a lot alike) and she oversees much of my spiritual work.
You will also receive a votive candle luminary (candle included) with 13 images of Marie, her tomb, and her snake. A perfect beginners altar set up, devotional for small spaces, or just a unique way to make daily devotions convenient. A charming, affordable altar set!
Contact me about making a custom set for your deity! I have made dozens of custom sets, they are a wonderful, unique way to honor your deity.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

NEW Oil-Gypsy Gold

An charming 5 ml amber glass bottle with natural cork, suitable for any decked-out or humble altar! This oil provides opportunity, develops relationships with clients, draws business, promotes your skills, helps get resumes looked at, initiates interviews, promotes confidence, and remedies unemployment! Not a bad idea considering the economy! Why not give it a try, you never know, it may be just the little helping hand you need to promote confidence and get that interview! Created from lily of the valley, musk, honeysuckle, and gardenia, YUM! I've thrown a piece of pyrite (fool's gold) in for extra success power! Anoint yourself, your mojo bag, candles, charms, whatever, with this lavishly rich oil! You can't beat it! Good luck!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Authentic Oils?

So what exactly does that mean anyway. What it means to me is that when you purchase one of my oils (or any other product for that matter) you can rest assured that you are receiving a top-notch item. All of my herbal ritual oils are what I refer to as "set" oils. Meaning it's not just2 fluid ounces of fresh base oil with some herbs dropped in it. Where would the ashe' be if the herbs haven't steeped in the oil? Could you even consider that a legitimate "ritual" oil? Sure, the oil would be ready for you to use in a few weeks but you need it NOW! The bottles of ritual oils I sell are filled with oil that comes from large jars that have set with the recipe of herbs/roots (many that I have grown organically myself!) in it for at least a year; I have huge jars of my most commonly used and purchased oils that I have had marinating for 10 years! Talk about pure, authentic oils! Vitamin E is added so the oils do not go rancid. I then fill your order from my large "mama" bottle (if it's Ashe' Gbongo oil you've ordered, it gets filled from my mama bottle of Ashe' Gbongo and so on), then add some fresh herbs/roots, according to what that specific ritual oil calls for s it stays super potent and keeps on getttin' richer for ya!
When you purchase curio ritual oils from large companies that claim they are a "one-stop ritual supply", look at the ingredients; the bottles contain oil and dyes...NO herbs are actually used at all!
Sure, intention and focus is a lot of it, but when you're buying "High John the Conqueror" oil, wuldn't you expect some High John root to be there? Call me crazy...
Just because a company sells a lot of something, doesn't mean it's authentic or better. It just means a lot of people have fallen for it.
Witches are super smart people, so why not research what you're buying first?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Witches are Resourceful

One of the things I love about being a witch and about folk magic is the way we can come up with a magickal use for just about anything. Folk magick practitioners have always been adept at using whatever they had around and associating it's mundane properties with magickal properties. An example, alum.
When I think of alum,Ii think of the old cartoons where the mischievious character would give an innocent bystander alum and their mouth would shrivel up into a pucker, expressing the saltiness and ability to draw one's mouth shut. This translates to it's magickal ability to draw your desires to you and to stop gossip. Another one is Mexican anil, or laundry blueing. Once folks found out about the magickal properties of copper and the color cerulean blue, they found that this ordinary whiteneing agent for clothes became a charm capabale of enchanting whatever you desire.
Folk magic is about using what you have to focus and direct your energy, recycling scraps into something new, healing yourself naturally and magcikally, and creating possibilities and a better life. All while being self-sufficient, creative, resourceful, and frugal.

Monday, February 15, 2010

NEW for YOU!

SUPER excited! So many new hoodoo goodies are in store for my clients! Coming this week;

Blueing Balls, Alum, Lodestones, Iron Filings, Buckeyes, NEW Specialty Oils, Graveyard Dirt and more!

Catch them tomorrow at ConjuredCardea.etsy.com!

My latest creation, just for my Hoodoo Hunnies out der!

Arabka Soudager-Specialty Oil-Business, Abundance, Manifestation, Love

Arabka Soudager-Specialty Oil-Business, Abundance, Manifestation, Love


I have researched this name for a long time, and can not find the meaning of it, only that it appears to be rooted in Arabic. It is, however, a phenomenal recipe that packs a hoodoo wallop!
This recipe has been used for ages for more and better business and a better love life!
This oil rids you of blockages and purifies and calms the mind, thus leading to success. Most of the time, I find people have placed these blockages in their own minds. They don't think their ideas are good enough, or that their not smart enough, or not worth enough to have a successful life! Come on...you know you got it goin' on!
Let this oil help rid your mind of those negative thoughts holding your love and prosperity back! You deserve to be successful in love and life! Work hard, be honest, say a little prayer, throw some of this on a candle...and you're set hunny!
Created with Frankincense, rose, vanilla, cinnamon, and fresh crushed tonka bean.
Smells fantastic! Anoint yourself, wallet, door, cash box, register, front steps, you name it! The more you use the more ideas you create and that is the goddess speaking to you! 5 ml amber bottle with natural cork.