Monday, September 22, 2014

An Appalachian Receipt for Prosperity and Business

For Prosperity and Business-
You'll need;
-A little coin purse. The old fashioned ones with the metal clasp on top work best (you can fit more in) but zipper ones work well too. (Meaning-To house your abundance)
-Shiny coins-even the plastic and chocolate ones given for Mardis Gras, Christmas or Chanukah. (To represent prosperity and sweeten your goal)
-Small mirrors. (To multiply your prosperity)
-A larger, free standing mirror or one you can prop up. (To refelct abundance in your home)
-A green candle such as my Po No Mo (To create the daily habit and ritual of bringing light, acknowledgment and focus to your goal) 

-An appropriate oil formula such as Business Butter or Money House Blessing
-A few coffee beans. (To energize your working)
-Wrapped, hard candies. (To catch the attention of the Spirits of Attraction and sweeten the working)
Put your coin purse somewhere you'll see it often-the more attention you pay to it the better it works. Add all of your items to the coin purse, set up shiny items around it, such as Money Cowries, and place the mirror so the purse reflects in it. Burn your green candle near it as often as possible-the more attention you give your goal, the more quickly and steadily prsoperous things will happen. Keep an eye out for shiny things and coins to start appearing-any found coins or shiny items should be added to the purse. You can place a plate under the purse if it begins to overflow (I hope it does!). Add a new coffee bean or pinch of ground coffee to the purse to feed it once a week or so. Leave some of the brightly wrapped candies outside in offering to the spirits of Attraction.
Bon Chance and Bless!

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