Friday, September 30, 2016

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mythbusting with Intranquil Spirits

The wackiest things I have ever heard in my 20 years of practice, have almost exclusively been about a sect of spirits called "Intranquil Spirits" also known as "The Omnipresence of God" on candles (see the image below). A common Intranquil is Anima Sola, who is I choose to evoke on behalf of my clients.

The first issue is what I just specified-it's not just ONE spirit. "Intranquil" refers to any spirit held in purgatory. They are there to atone their sins and debts before ascending to heaven. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, "purgatory" is the Roman Catholic idea and is a place, or state of suffering, inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins.

Therefore, "Intranquils" are not demons. Demons are from hell (or are those possessed by demonic forces) not purgatory. This means that Intranquils can aid in ANY request-not just those of mal-intent. They are called upon in desperate situations. Situations of love, health, protection-anything.

The second issue is this myth of "backfiring" or the spirit somehow taking control of the client and not the target. Intranquils have no will of their own. Again, they are trying to expiate their sins. Magically taking control of random people and doing whatever they want to them would count as MORE SINNING negating the entire notion of them taking on work to begin with!

It took me 8 years of practice before I started my business as a professional. You hire a professional due to their skill level, experience, reputation and your comfort with their theories and practice. I wouldn't hire a mechanic who couldn't drive my car into the garage. So if you speak to a spiritual worker and they warn you of their experiences with out-of-control Intranquils that means they don't know what they're doing. The professional is the one who guides the spirit in cases of intranquils, not the other way around. If they can't drive it, don't buy it.

The third issue I hear is that Intranquils make the target turn "mean" and "harmful". Refer to the last paragraph with the MORE SINNING thing. What professional conjure-person, who is in they're right mind, would perform a working where it makes the target harm their own client? Not only is it completely void of moral standing but it would be detrimental to the professional's reputation. No professional would morally perform a working that makes the target harm their client and no client would ask a professional to, voluntarily, make someone harm cause to themselves. If this were true, the professional is completely aware of the harm and that the client is as well and both are consenting. No. Way.

The fourth issue is that one can only evoke an Intranquil Spirit with a specific pink "Intranquil Spirit" candle. Candles don't evoke spirits-practitioners do. The color or type of candle has nothing to do with the skill set needed to evoke spirits. I suppose I need to wear ruby slippers to watch the Wizard of Oz too...

Fifth; Intranquils are not evil. INTENT is evil. If you choose an evil task for the spirit then, in theory, it will complete the task. If you choose one of love and healing, then those are the characteristics of that particular task. A knife isn't evil until someone uses it to harm someone. Intranquils made mistakes in their past. Unless you're an angel yourself, don't judge them as evil because we all sin.

Sixth; Intranquils can only be worked with outside. I have no clue where this one came from but it's simply false. I have successfully performed these rituals for 7 years. Very few were commenced outside. I believe it comes from the previously discussed idea of them possessing people other than the target. A spirit doesn't possess you just because you evoke it. That would be INVOCATION and is another term and idea entirely.

As I mentioned before, I work with Anima Sola. In order to better educate you on the type of spirits that Intranquils are, here is her story;

Anima sola (also called Espiritu Intranquilo-Intranquil Spirit) was a woman named Celestine. She was a water bearer that refused to give water to Jesus during his crucifixion and gave water to the other two thieves. She was then cursed to serve others for eternity due to her unkindness.
She is very miraculous spirit, granting a wide variety of favors to those who ask, especially when it comes to work against others. While some folks see her as a vengeful spirit, she is a spirit that humans find their own connection to truth, humility and divinity. She enhances our workings by clarifying our lines of communication. She can also aid in love and business.

As any spirit, she must be left an offering for her services. The usual offering is light (candles or lamp) for a few days. Any color will do, I have found her to have no preference.

You can petition her to help you on your work, or pray to her and have her do it all on her own, just be clear and remember to pay her.

Here is her prayer;
 Hear, mortal, the lament of the imprisoned soul, alone, sad,
Abandoned in this obscure dwelling.
My soul, soul of peace and of war,
Soul of sea and land,
I desire that all that I have as lost or absent
Is returned to me or appears.
O Soul, the most abandoned and alone of all of purgatory!
I accompany you in your grief,
Having pity on seeing you suffer and moan
In the abandonment of this harsh and long imprisonment,
And I desire to lessen your pain;
I offer you all my meritorious works,
And all that I have suffered, suffer, and will suffer in this life
So that you can pay for your sins before God,
And achieve His grace hoping that you will do me the great favor
That he give to my understanding the light necessary
So that I may obey His Holy Law
Loving Him above all things as my one and only good,
And my neighbor as myself,
Because by that I will merit his Divine Majesty and infinite mercy:
My salvation.

I really hope this has helped clarify this very misunderstood sect of spirits. Thank you, as always, for reading!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Video from Renee Stout's Tale of the Conjure Woman

Tales of the Conjure Woman by Renee Stout

Today was spent visiting an art exibition in my city from Renee Stout titles; "Tales of the Conjure Woman". The following are photos from this exibit. Not only is she an amazingly talented painter and mixed-media artist, the old-world style transports you to another place and time entirely. Yet, this all still exists in her world, here and now. Her detailed notes and recipes draw you into her trance-like state. Perhaps you'll receive your own messages...

Watch the video from her exibit here;

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Spiritual Products from Moma Moon Shadow!

Check out my assistant's roll-on lip/body honey! 

"Oshun, is the Orisha of love and sensuality.  She loves beauty and sweets and of course love!  Oshun's Honey Kisses roller, is a naturally infused honey, formulated with special herbs and spices (including real vanilla bean, cinnamon, damiana, and a few others) to attract your lover, and encourage sensual encounters.  To tantalize tastebuds, apply honey liberally, and with a set intention, to your lips, neck, or anywhere you wish to be kissed!  May also be used to annoint a candle with your lover's name carved in, or a petition to Oshun about your lover. 

Just remember before you invoke the name of Oshun to taste the honey first before you present it to her, as she was once almost poisoned!" -Mama Moon Shadow

Check it out here! Oshun's Honey Kisses