Friday, January 8, 2016

Wax Flow Intrepretation Using Moma Sarah's Technique

I've had a lot of interest in my technique for reading wax flows in my workings. This is a technique developed by me as the result of 15 years of recording, documenting and experimenting with my personal practice of hoodoo, conjure and rootwork. Instead of relying on reading physical symbols in the wax, such as hearts, genitals, etc. which most wax divination relies on, mine relies on the actual flow of the wax and the deposits it makes. I found relying solely on symbols to be inaccurate as interpreting these "symbols" can vary between the client and rootworker, which can cause confusion as to the actual outcome and process the work is taking. By reading the actual flow itself, we can obtain a much more accurate and dependable interpretation which satisfies both the rootworker and client.

After learning the basics of this method, we can then begin the technique of using the wax flow as a type of live sympathetic work. By controlling and manipulating the wax to achieve our desired goals, we are essentially creating a living poppet or dollbaby from our figure candles. You can watch my video on this technique HERE

These interpretations have been observed, recorded and followed up on during my 15 years in this profession. It requires observing the ENTIRE process of the work, recording the details and then outcome of the work and comparing them in order to develop decipherable patterns. You will note that ALL of my candles are free standing in every single work I perform. That is, no holders, containers or glass encased candles are used. In order to read the flow of wax, the wax must be ALLOWED to flow. Containing the wax is just going to cause the wax to take the shape of whatever container it's in. Do not cover your plates or surfaces with aluminum foil. This is another common and bad practice I see in rootwork. Aluminum can completely disrupt your wax flow not to mention the ashe' of your set-up, ingredients and energy flow from you to your work. Plus, it just makes your hard, professional work look cheap and gross.

Some basic patterns to begin working with are the right and left flows. When facing your work, if the flow begins on the right, something is being pulled into your life or it is time to begin a new endeavor or interest. If it begins on the left, something is being pushed out or it is time to leave something behind.

If there is a clockwise flow pattern, the results will be as hoped for. A counterclockwise pattern shows us it's time for something new to come along and to give the subject at hand a period of rest. Focus on something else at this time and, perhaps, revisit that hope or goal again in the future.

Below are several basic flows. I will add new posts on this subject as I gather relevant photos.

"The slide". This wax flow can occur in any type of drawing, gain, love or come to me working. If this slide is flowing towards the client's representation (candle, name paper, paquet, petition, etc.) it can represent that the client's goal is ready to be obtained. The working is making a clear, direct path between the client and target or goal. The client's goal is literallyy ready to slide over to them. If the "slide" is facing away from the client representation, the work could be better attempted at another time. The client should be encouraged to remain open and aware of new avenues pursuing them as the slide is facing out and new, unknown information and opportunities will be delivered to them.

The "intertwining" flow. This pattern is pretty rare and typically presents itself in Couple/Lovers candles. The wax is clearly seen flowing inward, from each person represented, and then intertwines. This is typically indicative of a reconciliation, a progression in the relationship such as further commitment, marriage or the joining of households. It can also be a precursor to the discussion of the conception of a child.

"Branching" or "Arms". This is a wax flow pattern which I have only seen occur in separation or reversal work. In this type of pattern, we typically find that the target/goal (or two targets) are being pulled away from each other or that the request for reversal, concerning a particular situation, is being recognized and answered. The wax appears to be pulled apart and away from the candle, flowing independently down each side. The wax typically does not touch in the final interpretation phase or may touch slightly due to other candles or offerings causing barriers which will change the final wax flow. Reverse spirals (counterclockwise from how you view the candlework) or individual looping patterns also support this interpretation.

The "flower petal" effect. This flow pattern typically indicates that the target has many irons in the fire causing them stress and clouding their judgment. This prevents the target from taking necessary actions, or making vital choices, concerning the situation at the basis of the work. These will need to be "picked" away one by one for the target to realize what is truly important and return to the fundamental importances in life. While this can take some time, the target will come to this realization and begin the process.

I refer to this as a "Waterfall" display. This is when delicate layers flow slowly over each other, allowing the underlying layers to harden first so that they are not re-melted into a rope display. The bottom should be fanned, not pooled. While the wax flow should be carefully watched (and recorded) throughout the entire working or service, the initial patterns and flows can be indicative of certain results or success rate. Typically, this type of flow pattern suggests that the changes to occur from the service will be steady and powerful but graceful. The changes will not be abrupt or cause upheaval to the client's life. The client's path is ready and open to accept the ashe' from the service.

This is a Separation work and here we find what I refer to as a "bleedout" pattern. This is when one side of the candle burns down much more quickly and creates a gully for the wax from other side of the candle to flow through. This results in all excess wax making aflow pattern on one side only. This will be interpreted different ways depending on the type of work. For this type of work it indicates that the target represented on the left will push away the target on the right quickly. While the separation may be a bit messy, it will be quick. *NOTE this is on a completely level altar, which I make certain of. An altar that is not level is going to cause wax flow that must be disregarded.

This follow pattern, when being observed from a Prosperity or Open Roads/Road Opening working, suggests several avenues or opportunities being tied directly to the target. Instead of there being a direct cut-off or separate puddle or pool of wax, there are several paths actually staying connected to the work and continuing to be fed by the candle. This typically indicates opportunities and/or prosperity in the near future.

The following is what I refer to as the "mass" flow. It can happen on any type of figure candle and represents extreme baggage, blockage, illness or deceit. This globular formation occurs when there is a severe obstacle of some sort attached to the person and a Blockbuster working must then take place to properly move forward in the work. It can often depict illness and/or disease attached to a person as well and the target may want to seek out a general physical check up. In some circumstances, it can represent a hant attached to the person, to which, a spiritual cleansing should be performed.


  1. Thank you for this! I find it very helpful! The "symbols" form of wax divination never worked for me.

  2. Blessings to you
    May your candle always burn bright Let happiness fill your days and nights and it is now blessed be.

  3. I notice that you use figure candles. Would you recommend this for taper candles as well? I don't get too much wax flow when I use them but sometimes I do. Thank you!

    1. Beeswax and taper candles do not give good wax flows. I use my figure candles, shaped candles (pyramids, etc) and my conjure candles to produce the best flows for this type of divination.

  4. I experienced the intertwining candle melt this morning as I was burning a couples candle. I commented on how it looked like a wall of guardian angels surrounding the couple. I searched for explanations, but found none. While looking for something else, I found this. Thank you. Im smiling.