Friday, March 9, 2012

Around The House of Hoodoo...

Mamasita-Our dwelling familiar or House Spirit

                        Saint Martin, Mary Magdalene, Ekeko, Santa Muerte, Kali, and Maman Brigitte                                                  
                                                          A cabinet generously given to us
 The Buddha inherited from my grandparents-before it was given to me, my grandpa painted it every year:)
                                        Inside the Hoodoo Hoosier where the magic happens:)
                                                   Oya, Maman Brigitte and La Madama

The top half of my Hoodoo cabinet
Crucifix Fish, Chicken Foot, Horse Teeth from Viegues, a root from China, and too many other                                   curios to list;)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hoodoo Haters

The title may fool you. This post is not about those who "hate on" hoodoo but rather hoodoos who "hate on" others.

I've noticed a disappointing trend of hoodoos, root-workers, conjure folk, etc. (I'm aware I'm lumping a bit here) hating on other paths and people in general. I've noticed many hoodoos are comfortable making fun of women, other paths, what people look like, sexuality, etc. Why? Because we are supposed to be hard? Because we don't have a "Harm None" rule we can say and do as we please? Well, you can do as you please but  this behavior is of no reward and is not condoned by ANY path. Not even our hard, "dark", "left-handed" ways. Being a hoodoo or conjure folk shouldn't mean you are immoral.

Here is where I think the issue lies. Hoodoo is a practice, not a religion. Though, often, many who practice are spiritual and believe in divine power-when it suits them. It seems that the divine has no place in some hoodoos everyday life and is only there to be used for their workings. Therefore, they get out of being held accountable by general morals because they practice a system of magic-not a religion. The problem with this is that you can do working after working after working to avoid problems and clean up your messes but the spirits will tire of cleaning up after you. And why do you need to be cleaned up after? Because you did not make decisions or actions based on simple morals;compassion, kindness, non-judgment, honesty, loyalty, humbleness, diligence...

This is how I look at it. If you practice hoodoo you believe there is power in the items you use; roots, bones, feathers, stones, fur, etc. That ashe' comes from somewhere, even if you categorize it as simply coming from the earth-you believe in something that cycles power through everything. If you believe that power is in everything, that everything has worth, then surely you understand the importance of respecting the world around you. Including the most overlooked-your fellow brothers and sisters.

We would rather play with bones and shells than show compassion to our brothers and sisters. We will water a wilted plant before we will offer a drink to someone who is thirsty. Why is this? The plant can not even speak-a man can tell you and show you that he is in need of water. If we are to practice a path of balance then we must treat everything with the same respect. Even when it is hard-especially when it is hard.

Somehow is has become cool to be the crude hoodoo who hurls insults and acts aloof.

Our words are ashe' too, as well as our actions. And acting is insincere, something that will get you no where wit the spirits. To pride ourselves on being "real" only to act as if we do not care about another is wrong and untruthful. We must check our words, attitudes, actions and be accountable for the ashe' we put forth into the world.

Not having a "Harm None" rule doesn't mean you get to be an asshole, it means you have to find the divine good in yourself to hold yourself accountable to the highest standards.

To put forth such negativity, abuse, harm, callousness, cruelty, and indifference in the world will surely lead you to a failed practice and path. Your workings will no longer work. For if you will make fun of a fellow brother or sister, perhaps you would have been one of the people who did not believe the person who created a miracle and was later canonized. Perhaps you would have been the person calling the slave spirit you consult a derogatory name. Perhaps you would be the one watching the hanging of a witch and saying nothing. Or perhaps you would be the one taking the land from the native Indian spirit you consult. If you will not show compassion for a human you know, why love a spirit you have never met? Because it's cool, entertaining, popular?

If you can not treat those around you with respect, compassion, and kindness, EVEN on facebook, don't bother attempting to work with deity or spirit. We are all connected. If you believe somehow you are more worthy than another, good luck getting the spirits to help you, for many of them died at the hands of those who also thought they were more worthy. Those who enslaved indigenous people, stole land, who objectified women, and disrespected and destroyed the beliefs of others. You are no different than they if you do not choose your words and actions carefully.

 We will mourn, immortalize, and honor the spirits of those who died but we will not lift up those around us that we can see and touch...

Our Path is Full of Such Beauty...

Just a few pictures over the last few months that I particularly enjoy...