Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A "Spiritual Lifestyle"

After 13 years, my husband got his license restored yesterday! We have worked on this since 2006, finally hiring a lawyer after we were denied in 2008. After two long years of work, working and praying to Ogun and Ochossi, Saint Jude and Anthony, we finally got it!

I made an oil especially for Ochossi with little john root, angelica, anise, calamus root, hyssop, nutmeg, and vervain. Their vigil candles have been lit for months it seems, being cleansed with water as sea salt when they finally burned away, then refilled with blue (Ochossi) and green (Ogun) wax. Over the past several months, Orisha money was offered, along with pineapple for Ogun and pears for Ochossi, rum, whiskey, cigars, stones, new tools, iron nails for Ogun's pot-all anointed with their special oils.
Elegua had a part too-he is a brother too of course. I created a small Elegua head and fed him candy and left offerings of toys as well...well my kids offered the toys-small dolls and trains;)

I also created an Abre Camino (road opener) rub under Ogun's advice to help win over our hearing officer. It consists of a fine whiskey and hydrosol mix in which 9 high john roots soaked for 38 days. This was used as an offering and hand and body rub to bring Ogun's presence along with us to cut our paths clear and lead us to success.

I am writing of this to use as an example.

Sometimes, rarely, people contact me a week after buying an item and complain that it has not worked.

And this is what I tell them. Say you set a goal for yourself (as you do with magick) to lose 15 pounds. After the first week you had only lost 2. Would you complain? Maybe, we all complain about weight, but my point is it is not reasonable to think you will reach a goal in a week, especially involving your entire life and maybe the life of someone close to you. Magick and spiritual practices are a LIFESTYLE not quick fixes or miracles in bottles. Make a goal, then work towards it, everyday, in every way for as long as it takes. Magick is about change. You may even find that along the way, all that work you are putting in, just isn't worth it-then you find what you truly want in your life and who is worth all that work. You find what you truly need not just what you thought you wanted. Spiritual practices can reveal so much to us other than getting us something we want. In fact, if you approach your spirituality with that mind set-you ain't gonna get a damned thing. Our practice teaches us to give, to serve without gain, to develop a ritual, to be self sufficient and self reliant, to love people and spirits-all of life in general. If you are not getting these things out of you practice you need to reassess what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Sometimes goals take years and years to achieve. Sometimes, 13 years;) So, did the magick help at all or was it just all the hard work and time you put in? Depends, again, how you look at it. If you work on something spiritually for several years, I guarantee you are stronger and closer in your relationships with your spirits, ancestors, and deities. I guarantee you have learned a lot along the way about yourself and about making some magick. I guarantee you have touched others and they have touched you while sharing your trials and learning new magick to combat these trials. So, isn't the over-all goal to improve yourself, your divine connection, your knowledge, your relationships, your spirituality? That IS what it's all about bebe, trust me;)