Friday, August 28, 2015

Conjured Cardea's Interview at Magical Recipes Online

My latest interview is out at Magical Recipes Online. They will also be hosting a giveway for one of my oils and I will begin writing articles for them related hoodoo, folk magic and more. You can read the interview here; Conjured Cardea's Interview at Magical Recipes Online

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

FREE Retrograde Reverse Oil to Ease the Upcoming Retrograde

FREE Retrograde Reverse Oil! Mercury begins to go retrograde the 28th of August and will be stationed on September 17th. To help you all prepare to receive and interpret Mercury's upcoming messages, I am giving a way a FREE bottle of my Retrograde Reverse oil with each order of $25 or more from!
*Item orders only. Excludes service only orders.
*Please type "retrograde" in the "special instructions" area on your order.
*Promo can not be applied to previous orders.
*Promo ends 8/24/15

While we all have our own interpratation of how this planetary influence works in our lives it's important to note the good as well as the hang-ups. We often over look this fact in life-even when Mercury is direct. Mercury is a powerful messenger. While I know that many of my clients are harshly affected by this retrograde, I'd like to take a minute to address these moments of friction. If we know that a certain area suffers when Mercury is in retrograde, we should pay special attention to the area, preparing for it before the retrograde hits. This is Mercury's way of polishing you, making you check yourself, re-directing your focus, making you aware of things you neglect and common slip-ups. Perhaps, if we were all a little more careful, prepared and polished in our focus, these little habitual retrograde hang-ups would stop happening. Because when we prepare and address them, we have solved them. We have ended the procrastination or the sloppy work causing these little mistakes. We are then free to focus on something else. Maybe it's another area we lack in that rears it's head or maybe it's the satisfaction and pride that comes from addressing an area we lack in. Maybe, it's a beautiful balance of both. I encourage you to see the Retrograde as a time balance, a time to wake up and pay attention, a time to get your ducks in a row. After all, friction is what polishes away our jagged edges.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fertile Fields From Ogun

Tuesday is Ogun's day! As Eleggua removes the stones from your field, Ogun cuts away the brush, thorns and branches that prohibit you from sowing your harvest. Sometimes, we can step over a stone but the constant cuts from the brush and thorns can wear us down! They make our soil poor by sapping away the nutrients from the seeds we plant. Pray to Ogun today to remove the constant, small obstacles that are sapping your roots dry! Let him clear the field to make a fertile harvest! Ashe!

Monday, July 27, 2015

My Interview by Jennifer M. Pennington, Spiritual Empowerment Coach

Jennifer was lovely enough to request an interview with me! I am making a post of the interview here since only members can access it via her site;

Hey hey hey Goddesses! It's interview time again! This week we've got a great interview with Sarah, from Conjured Cardea; one of THE MOST AMAZING online, full service botanicas you'll ever visit (at least in my opinion!) Sarah is both down to earth and professional, taking all of her clients needs to heart as she puts all her love and energy into working for their individual needs. So it's no wonder that she's had over 30,000 sales over the past six years she's been operating her business! All with 100% positive feedback! Sarah is warm, loving, and positively energetic and so very dedicated to her craft. A feminine power house of the new age! It is an absolute pleasure to bring you this interview with her.

Now, onto the questions!

1) How did you come onto the path you're on and the place you're in right now? Tell of your journey to where you're at right now and how you got there.

I was raised in a very remote, rural area on 13 acres of land which was surrounded further by plenty of fields and forests to explore. I spent all of my spare time outside, alone, with nature. I acquired an Eyewitness Native Herb identifying guide around the age of 12 and I identified and memorized every native plant and herb around me. I was raised with a lot of folk traditions and practices so my affinity for nature, and it's connection with spirit, was always encouraged. I have lived as as full-time, professional rootworker for 6 years but have been practicing for 15. My path and profession is one of hoodoo, conjure, rootwork with religious roots in the path of the Orisha. The Orisha have spoken to me since I was a child. Oya through the wind, Oshun through Paw Paw river, Ogun at the railroad tracks, Eleggua at crossroads...

2) How do you define being a woman? What does womanhood mean to you?

"Being a woman" is synonymous with "strength". You will automatically have to work at least twice as hard and manage twice as much, all while being underestimated, in order to reach success. Tthat means we are automatically at least twice as strong and twice as successful! "Being a woman" should also be synonymous with "liberation", though this is still in the works. Liberation becomes easier as you age. As we age, we have the luxury of time. We are able to put more time and thought into our SELF; spiritual, emotional, physical, and professional. We become more "undone" in certain areas; the superficial facets of the world which our society thrives on. This liberates us to seek out the important aspects of ourselves and develop them. This leads to liberation in our selves, even if we are not truly liberated in our society.

3) What is something you do you get yourself motivated when you feel down or lacking motivation?

I'm a VERY energetic person and am highly motivated and ambitious. I can't really remember a time I felt I was "lacking motivation". I'm very blessed with a healthy mind set and body to be able to accomplish all the ideas I get. Well, not ALL-I can't always keep up with my imagination! As a matter of fact, anyone who knows me can tell you they can get kind of annoyed by my ambition, haha! Each morning, I prep my altar, light my candles, light my incense, say prayers for my family, clients and community, and put on whatever music I'm feeling at the time. It's my soul food-THAT keeps me motivated and my spirit fed.

4) What is something you've learned personally as a woman that you'd like to teach other women out there most?

The words and actions of others have NOTHING to do with you. It's none of your business what anyone else thinks or says about you. Your reaction should be to not react at all. This is what will weed out anything, or anyone, wasting your time and taking up precious space in your life. Precious, fleeting space that can be filled with family, friends and success-whatever that means to you. React by not reacting. How people treat you is THEIR issue. It never has anything to do with you and taking the high road will guarantee that you rise above every time.

Thank you so much Sarah for your amazing answers and for taking the time to do this interview with me!

If you have any further questions for Sarah or would like to inquire about her services and/or products, please feel free to e-mail her directly at: