Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Video from Renee Stout's Tale of the Conjure Woman

Tales of the Conjure Woman by Renee Stout

Today was spent visiting an art exibition in my city from Renee Stout titles; "Tales of the Conjure Woman". The following are photos from this exibit. Not only is she an amazingly talented painter and mixed-media artist, the old-world style transports you to another place and time entirely. Yet, this all still exists in her world, here and now. Her detailed notes and recipes draw you into her trance-like state. Perhaps you'll receive your own messages...

Watch the video from her exibit here;

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Spiritual Products from Moma Moon Shadow!

Check out my assistant's roll-on lip/body honey! 

"Oshun, is the Orisha of love and sensuality.  She loves beauty and sweets and of course love!  Oshun's Honey Kisses roller, is a naturally infused honey, formulated with special herbs and spices (including real vanilla bean, cinnamon, damiana, and a few others) to attract your lover, and encourage sensual encounters.  To tantalize tastebuds, apply honey liberally, and with a set intention, to your lips, neck, or anywhere you wish to be kissed!  May also be used to annoint a candle with your lover's name carved in, or a petition to Oshun about your lover. 

Just remember before you invoke the name of Oshun to taste the honey first before you present it to her, as she was once almost poisoned!" -Mama Moon Shadow

Check it out here! Oshun's Honey Kisses

Monday, August 8, 2016

Moma Sarah's Wax Flow Interpretation System-Part 2

I refer to this as "Devil on the Shoulder". When this flow appears, it is early in the process of the work and produces an angluar, almost detatched flow on one side of the candle. It appears as if the wax has tried to leap away from the work. This is a sign of a heavy, direct blockage being removed. If it is on the left of the figure candle, it is an old blockage. If it is on the right of the figure candle it is a recent or soon to appear blockage. In either case, it is an indication that the work will fulfill it's goal quickly and that the blockage is already being attacked and removed. 

The "Crossroads" flow in candle wax divination. This flow shows us four major paths that alternate and overlap. Each side takes it turn to produce two flows that alternate with the other, one at a time. This flow represent an emotional bond, a meeting of minds and a transition to a new, higher, positive place. It is also anticipitaory of a physical meeting.