Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Help Our Neighbors Host an 8 Year Old Girl From China!

Please consider contributing to this fund to help my neighbors host this lovely little girl from an orphanage in China. Any amount is appreciated! You can also donate right here at my blog.

C0053 - Kostrzewa Fundraiser (New Horizons for Children) | Nonprofits - YouCaring.com

Friday, March 28, 2014

Springtime Workings and the Growth of Conjured Cardea

 Spring is ringing in nicely here at the House of Hoodoo! I have had lots of custom wok and services and am excited to be receiving so many requests. I am also excited that Conjured Cardea will be growing very soon by having it's own domain name! Lots of new things in the work too-got to put that spring time surge of energy to good use! Be blessed folks and enjoy the photos of some of the services I've been blessed to perform on behalf of my wonderful clients. Please click on the links below each photo to read about the services I provide.

The Queen

Dambalah's Day (Saint Patrick)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tarot Card Reading-ONE Question-Hoodoo, Voodoo, Pagan, Wicca, Witchcraft-Guidance, Messages,

I am offering my reading service again after a nearly 3 year hiatus! I simply have too many clients asking for reading before and after their workings. So, for a limited time, I am bringing back a 3 card reading to answer one question. These readings will be given with an Aquarian tarot deck that has been in my family for 44 years. I look forward to serving you all! Be blessed.

Get your reading here;

Tarot Card Reading-ONE Question-Hoodoo, Voodoo, Pagan, Wicca, Witchcraft-Guidance, Messages,

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Divine Colors

A couple of weeks ago, I posted this image on my Shop's Facebook Page;

The comment that followed read; " She doesn't look very West African. :( "

I felt that this person was a bit insulted by the image I had chosen to represent Yemaya. Although everyone is entitled to their opinions and feelings, there is a bit more to this picture than that.

This is not a "white-washed" photo of a black model, to make her appear lighter in color and, therefore, more "acceptable" and profitable for the media and fashion industry.

This is a vintage image from a prayer card. It is Brazilian depiction of Yemaya or Yemanja, as she is called in South America. South America is comprised of African, European, Amerindian, and the indigeous population. Much like the Caribbean islands, and of course the USA, you will find many ethnicities, cultures, religions, traditions and shades of skin. This is someone's beautiful interpretation of the divine.

While Yemaya is a Yoruban deity (originating in southwestern Nigeria and southern Benin) her spirit, traditions and stories were carried in the hearts and minds of the slaves brought on the Middle Passage. Her spirit then took root in Brazil, where European powers enslaved her people.

 Below, is a Yoruban depiction of Yemaya.

Here is one story of a deity changing to suit her new people; Our Lady of Charity of Cobre

This is a photo of a group of Brazilian people. Most native, some who have acquired citizenship-
ALL Brazilians.

You see the incredible and beautiful varience of shades and features? As religions and folk lore spread, mesh and meld throughout the world, new images of those deities will be imagined. These images will be painted, drawn, visualized, dreamed of and experienced in different ways. As humans we are most comfortable, and are more likely, to envision a deity who looks similar to ourselves. It is an almost unescapable act of the ego. This influences religious art, and depictions of deity, heavily. We want to belong with our deity. Feel comfortable, feel like an extension of them.

Humans have changed the image of deities for 100,000's of years as our tribes traveled for trade, reproduction, food, water, or were forcably relocated. These stories and images were taught in a new places, to new people with new voices and ideas. A changing deity is a means of adaptation, of survival. Our gods are all related and one is no better than another. 

Deities and spirits will be conveyed in as many ways as there are people. No two people will view them the same way. Nor will they experience them the same way.

Here is a photo of me. What "color" am I? Do I look "white"? What is/are my ethnicities and cultural background? Can you tell?
I will tell you, that is NOT my natural hair color, in case you didn't know:)

Everyone, except maybe 3 people, in my whole life have guessed incorrectly. 

The point of this post is to say that one person's interpretation of how a spirit looks is not any more valid than another's. You may think you know about something from the first glance, but we are all rich tapestries woven from colors, cultures and traditions and so are our deities.

We all have different brains, imaginations, experiences and body chemistry which causes us to interpret things differently. You can not be angry at another person's interpretation anymore than you can be angry at the color of their skin-it's genetic and can not be helped.

Many of us found this path due to the need to escape the narrow view of monotheism and it's one image of God. So why pigeonhole any other deity, expression or interpretation of it? 

This doesn't just go for physical representation. It goes for traditions and practices as well. YOUR heart, brain and genetic make up will tell you what is right for YOU to practice. Not a book, not a guru, not a teacher, houngan, reverend or priest. 

You are the right color.
You are the right size.
You are the right gender.
You are the right sexuality.
You are the right religion.
Because you are the divine in human form.

Monday, February 24, 2014

NEW Items at Conjured Cardea! Plus a Few Fun Photos...

I'm vamping up for spring here! I can not WAIT to get my hands back in the earth and offer the fresh bounties of roots and woods that I find in my shops! Until then, I am staying very busy with services and introducing new items almost weekly. Don't forget to check back often and follow me on FacebookTwitter and at Tumblr for photos, updates, giveaways, sales and more!

Doll Baby Service for a Client

The first batch of Abre Camino oil. 2 weeks set.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Spending Spirits

After sending a client a photograph from the candle vigil service she had purchased, she wrote back with a very good question; "What do you do with the money offerings?"

This particular candle setting was one devoted to Marie Laveau and a Laveaus Love Candle I had made was used.
I offered fresh flowers, cowrie shells, a cigar, fresh snow water, cornmeal, and a few coins.

Now, these particular coins were sent from my international clients who often send me coins from their countries as gifts. I choose to give these to my altars in offering. Money is it's own form of energy and has great symbolism. Spirits, who were once flesh and blood, still enjoy the things the living do; fresh flowers, clean, cold water, food, perfume, incense, money, etc.

However, when I use coins or dollars from the USA, where I live, this money is put into my Ganesh or Lakshmi pots after the working is finished. Donations from friends and neighbors, who often stop by for supplies, are also put into these pots or dishes. Friends and neighbors can never be charged for supplies, only donations (if they can afford them) will be accepted. By adding to the Lakshmi and Ganesh pots, one  blesses themselves in return.

So what happens when these dishes are full? What do the spirits spend money on?! Well, they never get full. We have two homeless men named Joe and Simi, a schizophrenic man named Rudy (who lives in a group home a few streets away) and young kids who come through looking for work (raking or shoveling snow) in exchange for a little money. Occassionally we have a new face who was sent by one of the above or heard about our home.The Ganesh and Lakshmi dishes are for them. Once the coins or dollars are placed into the dishes, the money belongs to whomever shows up in need. This money, along with an occasional cold glass of water on a hot day, a loaf of bread, a cigarette, a few cans of food, are all part of the dance. The exchange of energy in life. The only thing that keeps the dance flowing is movement or energy, which is to give freely of one's self, skills and possessions. 

I believe these people who visit my home are the spirits in human form. I see the face of Eleggua in the children's eyes, I see Saint Dymphna in Rudy, I see Saint Margaret of Cortona in Joe and I see Saint Martin of Tours in Semi. 

Who would I be if I turned them away? How could I call myself a servant? A vessel?

Now, let me be clear. I do not do this BECAUSE I see the spirits in them. I do this because it is right and I have always been called to. Only then do the spiritsrev eal themselves to me. You will be amazed what messages and signs you receive from the spirits once you make a concerted effort to serve others.

If you live in the city, like I do, and routinely see those in need I suggest you too start a Lakshmi or Ganesh pot. If you live in a rural area, I suggest you save your pocket change in a jar and take it to the shelter once a month and you will find your blessings adding up and overflowing. I promise that you will meet new spirits, receive guidance and messages and progress a little further down your spiritual path. 

You must take the initiative to show that you want to be a vessel, for energy and spirit to pass through, in order to be filled and emptied. You can never be chosen if you do not step forward.
You must take the first step and begin to dance.