Monday, August 25, 2014

The Root of Rootwork

I frequently post photos of, what I think are, gorgeous altars and bountiful harvests. With fresh and colorful offerings because I want my clients to see my work. I want them to get to know me and what rootwork really is.

I have the best job in the world. It is what was born to do. I GET to work from my home, speak to clients from all over the world, make the items I love and be amongst the spirits all the time.

However, what doesn't occur to most people is that my job isn't all digging roots and picking flowers for the altar.

99% of the time, the only reason a client contacts me is because they are suffering. They have lost something, they are in fear, they are hurt, they are confused, they are depressed or suicidal, they feel un-loved.

No one seeks out a rootworker when things are going well.

I'm afraid of three things when people want to get into this line of work. I'm afraid they rely too heavily on combatting symptoms with dark approaches rather than treating the root of the problem. I'll give a common example. A client is having problems with her boyfriend's ex being involved in their life. The ex and the boyfriend have no children together or financial ties, so no reason to be involved with one another. Many rootworkers will gladly perform a separation working to drive the ex girlfriend out of the relationship. But WHY is the boyfriend still involved with her anyway? This isn't a case a for a rootworker, this is a case for a relationship counselor. This client needs to work on herself and her relationship or she needs to find someone who's less "Jerry Springer".

Secondly, I'm afriad that people want to get into rootwork for money. Well, good luck with that one. Any reasonable and respectable rootworker will keep their prices fair and affordable. When a rootoworker starts getting in the $400-$1000 range for a single working, head for the hills. Look for workers who consistantly offer sales, promotions, do charity work, donate and offer pro bono work when need be.

The third point, and entire idea behind this entry, is that people think it's all lighting candles, picking flowers and doing what you want. If the spirits have truly called you to do this then, I believe, they are sending you clients. You work for your clients, not yourself. People think owning my own home-based business means that I work for myself but the truth is I have a new boss every few hours. A new boss with needs, wants, pains, ideas and expectations. I have a strict schedule that has me up at 7am answering e-mails, printing order invoices, scheduling workings, ordering supplies, cleaning my space (spiritually and physically) and giving offerings. Then, I fill orders from 10-4, clean again from 4-5, dinner from 5-7, I take an hour to put my kids to bed, then back to e-mails again from 8-10pm. Now, I do take several evenings and at least two entire days to devote to workings and readings due to demand. So, on those days, replace the filling orders, second cleaning and dinner (we usually order in on those days or have soup/sandwiches) with readings and workings. I often work for several weeks as a time with no entire days off. Now, I am NOT bitching in any way! I LOVE my life and work. My point is, I'm not lieing around my house waving a wand.

A rootworker needs to be a really balanced, healthy person. Inside and out. You need to be able to deal with loss, grief, homelessness, divorce, negativity, broken hearts, infedelity, and, sometimes, just plain drama and bat-shit crazy. These can take a toll on your psyche and on your physical body if you aren't grounded with faith and seasoned with common sense. I think it takes a certain type of person and, surpisingly, it's not someone who's empathic. I believe it's quite the opposite. There's a huge difference between understanding and relating to someone's problems than being physically and emotionally affected by them. A good understanding of the human psyche, human nature, and psychology is greatly beneficial and, I feel, necessary in this line of work. Clients need YOU to give them confidence, faith and a concise, sensible solution. What they don't need it you crying and losing your shit because their husband left them. Hurt FOR them but not WITH them. You can mourn everything later, on your own time and dime, not theirs.

People think it's a commical comparison but being a spiritual worker is much the same as being a doctor or therapist-you usually only see people at their worst. Your job is to talk them through it, fix them up, give them faith and tell them that this too shall pass.

If you can't deal with stress, loss, desperation and negativity, then this isn't the profession for you. So why would ANYONE want to get into this after all that?

Because for as much darkness as their is in this work, there is just as much light. There are new loves, births, jobs, homes, successes, and the growth of your clients. You get to witness all of thes eunfold from the very beginning. There is a deepening of your own faith through working with the spirits for your clients. There are days you get to spend in the woods or the cemetery burying remnants or leaving offerings from your client's workings. There are meals made, and served with love to the spirits and your family. There are days when the spirits fill your house with the scent of jasmine or sandalwood...

and there are days where all you do is dig roots and pick flowers...


  1. Beautifully put! Bless you!

  2. Beautifully I service my clients in a different way...there are many 12-15 hour days...the work we love and to serve others...thank you for all you do as you do make a difference and I appreciate you..many blessings

  3. Beautifully I service my clients in a different way..there are many 12-14 hour days because we love what we do...many blessings to you..I appreciate you