Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Interview with FOX 17 News

August 5th;
It is official. I was told by several employees at First Data (throughout two weeks of phone calls) that the phone call I received, canceling my account, was a scam or crank phone call. Sadly, it was not. First Data has closed my account, after taking my money for 4 months, due to the religious affiliation of my site. They sited this as "contract violation" and are withholding all of my credit card sales for at least 6 months and subtracting all "investigative fees". It states nowhere in their contract that these items can not be sold, nor was I asked about what I sold during any of the initial set-up. My termination was confirmed today by their security department. I am not sure what country they're living in but being located in Georgia, I would think they would know about first amendment rights. I am glad to be gone from such a deplorable company with such bigoted beliefs.

August 6th;
A friend connected me with a FOX 17 reporter and they came to my home to interview me yesterday about my recent experience with First Data, discriminating against my business. It made it to the news that evening.

You can view it below;
My Interview with FOX 17 News

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