Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Witches are Resourceful

One of the things I love about being a witch and about folk magic is the way we can come up with a magickal use for just about anything. Folk magick practitioners have always been adept at using whatever they had around and associating it's mundane properties with magickal properties. An example, alum.
When I think of alum,Ii think of the old cartoons where the mischievious character would give an innocent bystander alum and their mouth would shrivel up into a pucker, expressing the saltiness and ability to draw one's mouth shut. This translates to it's magickal ability to draw your desires to you and to stop gossip. Another one is Mexican anil, or laundry blueing. Once folks found out about the magickal properties of copper and the color cerulean blue, they found that this ordinary whiteneing agent for clothes became a charm capabale of enchanting whatever you desire.
Folk magic is about using what you have to focus and direct your energy, recycling scraps into something new, healing yourself naturally and magcikally, and creating possibilities and a better life. All while being self-sufficient, creative, resourceful, and frugal.

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