Thursday, February 18, 2010

Authentic Oils?

So what exactly does that mean anyway. What it means to me is that when you purchase one of my oils (or any other product for that matter) you can rest assured that you are receiving a top-notch item. All of my herbal ritual oils are what I refer to as "set" oils. Meaning it's not just2 fluid ounces of fresh base oil with some herbs dropped in it. Where would the ashe' be if the herbs haven't steeped in the oil? Could you even consider that a legitimate "ritual" oil? Sure, the oil would be ready for you to use in a few weeks but you need it NOW! The bottles of ritual oils I sell are filled with oil that comes from large jars that have set with the recipe of herbs/roots (many that I have grown organically myself!) in it for at least a year; I have huge jars of my most commonly used and purchased oils that I have had marinating for 10 years! Talk about pure, authentic oils! Vitamin E is added so the oils do not go rancid. I then fill your order from my large "mama" bottle (if it's Ashe' Gbongo oil you've ordered, it gets filled from my mama bottle of Ashe' Gbongo and so on), then add some fresh herbs/roots, according to what that specific ritual oil calls for s it stays super potent and keeps on getttin' richer for ya!
When you purchase curio ritual oils from large companies that claim they are a "one-stop ritual supply", look at the ingredients; the bottles contain oil and dyes...NO herbs are actually used at all!
Sure, intention and focus is a lot of it, but when you're buying "High John the Conqueror" oil, wuldn't you expect some High John root to be there? Call me crazy...
Just because a company sells a lot of something, doesn't mean it's authentic or better. It just means a lot of people have fallen for it.
Witches are super smart people, so why not research what you're buying first?

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