Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dollar Store Hoodoo and Dime Store Magic

We recently had a dollar store go in about a block from our house. My kids were very excited to walk down and see what they had. I personally don't shop at dollar stores due to lack of time-I go to one, large grocery store and buy everything I need there for the week. I have zero time for multiple stops. However, with one this close , it's far more convenient now. While looking around the store, I was transported to my 23 year-old-self when I got my first apartment on my own. It was actually my third move, but my first time without living with a partner. I remember visiting my first dollar store then and finding an array of useful items for my spiritual practices-including religious icons and pictures-all for only a buck. It also transported me back to visiting my family in Shady Grove, Kentucky and visiting what must be one of the last, true dime and general stores. Walking into these stores, I can easily transform all of those shelves of household items into spiritual tools.

So I've compiled a list of old-fashioned items used in rootwork that can be found at just about any dime store or dollar store.

1 ammonia-The most common base for floorwashes. Add a couple of capfuls, a handful of herbs and curios corresponding to your goal and some hot water. You're ready to go.

2 magnets-You can find pairs of very strong magnets (sometimes magnetized hematite ovals) in the toy section. Add these to your Money Seed jar, Honey jar, mojo or altar to draw in the positive and repel the negative.

3 prayer candles-You can always find the tall, glass encased, white novena candles at these stores. Sometimes red or green too. Dress the tops with herbs and oils and glue a print out on the front of a deity or saint (or a printed photo of a loved one) and you're on your way. They cost a third of what the market sells them for here.

4 play money-This is also found in the toy section (people often neglect to look here for spiritual tools and goodies but it's actually full of them). This can be used as "payment" or offering to your spirits or deities, burned to draw money or used as a petition or name paper to bring prosperity to yourself, client or loved one.

5 cinnamon sticks-Usually a seasonal item (around Christmas) but still inexpensive and useful in both love and money work, making them a good investment due to their multi-purpose ashe'. Always check the seasonal isles. They're always changing and you never know what you'll stumble upon. For folks who follow the wheel of the year, these isles provide a treasure trove of items to help us celebrate and give honor like candles, wreaths, etc.

6 beads-I love the Mardi Gras style beads these stores carry. I buy new ones to give to my Maman Brigitte doll and use them as offerings. Some stores may have loose beads available too which can be used to make jewelry or adorn mojos, etc.

7 incense and incense burners-You can find tons of different sick and cone incenses at these shops. While they are synthetic, and not of the best quality, they'll do in a pinch or when you're on a tight budget.

8 altar cloths-Look in the linen section for small, affordable table cloths for your altar. Affordable is good here because these are going to get ruined with wine, oil spills and melted wax.

9 boxes-Around Halloween time, you can often find coffin shaped boxes (for hexing, dark works or to rid yourself, or someone, else of something by burying it) and around Christmas you can find a glorious array of all different sizes, colors and finishes of boxes. These are useful for organizing or making wish/blessing boxes as well.

10 brooms-Cinnamon brooms can be found during the fall and winter and make a lovely addition to the home. You can also find smaller, natural fiber brooms for actual cleansing and sweeping of your space.

11 dry goods-I LOVE beans for workings! They are cheap, beautiful and harness the power of growth and speed. GREAT for prosperity or fertility works. Make sure to check the dry good isle for staple ingredients like like flour and powdered sugar (to use as a base for spiritual powders), bottles of base oil (to add your own herbs, essential oils, an curios to) bags of beans, baking soda and salt for spiritual baths, etc.

12 rice-Add your own herbs to make a cheap and efficient floorsweep. Rice is believed to be lucky and keep what the household needs (bill money, groceries, happiness, etc.) flowing in.

13 offering plates and cups-You should have at least one or two plates, or shallow saucers, plus at least one wine glass type vessel reserved for your offerings and workings. These can be found for a great price and if they break or get chipped, you havn't invested much.

14 religious/African pictures and icons-Often, dollar stores will have some Catholic/Christen imagery or icons available like pictures of the crucifixtion, Jesus, Mary, angels and Joseph. I've even found some African statues that could be used to represent some of the Orisha.

15 candles-You can always find votive candles at these shops. Regular ones or glass encased. Great to keep a stock of in case emergency work is needed.

16 candle holders-A variety are available. From votive to taper holders, these are always handy to have a stock of. There's nothing worse than buying a new candle, making one or being gifted one and not having a holder to use with it.

17 candy-There are tons of varieties available to leave as offerings or add to your sweet jars. I prefer lifesavers or brightly colored and wrapped hard candies.

18 shells-You can usually find baskets of these which are handy for altars or offerings to any sea deity, such as Yemaya.

19 small bibles-Perfect to keep on your altar to read Psalms or verses to aid you in your work or prayers.

20 Florida water-This isn't usually found in dollar stores anymore but you can occasionally find it in the south.

21 herbs-You can occasionally find small plastic jars of cooking herbs; cloves, ground cinnamon, basil etc.

22 bottles and jars-To store herbs, oils, curios etc. or make spirit vessels, jar workings or bellarmines with. If you can, most of these stores sell Mason jars as well, which have a multitude of uses.

23 silk flowers-Flowers should be a staple on your altar. However, if you can't afford fresh flowers, or they aren't readily accessible due to the season, Silk flowers will due.

24 mirrors-Many sizes and shapes can be found here. You can glue them inside boxes for reversal or reflecting works, place them under candles to amplify their power, set them up next to your photo (or photo of a loved one or client) to deflect negativity  nd put in the bottoms of your jar workings to multiply their strength. Tiny mirrors can be added to your Money Seed JarsMoney Pots or Rose of Jericho bowls to amplify their success drawing power.

25 embroidery floss-This is my personal choice for wrapping paquets and small poppets or twig dolls. It comes in a variety of colors, is very strong and always looks finished and professional when used.

Happy hunting! Let me know what you do with your dollar store hoodoo!


  1. Love your blog on Dollar store finds. When in a pinch I always look for treasures at the local dollar store. :)

  2. Thank you!!! Sometimes I get the PC finger waived at me for heading to the dollar store for certain ritual/magickal items... these are usually the same people/witches waiving their finger at me from behind their iphones... They say I shouldnt shop at the dollar store because of where they obtain their stock from... ok, the same might be said about Walmart or Target or Toyota or Nissan or Apple as well... So, again, I thank you for this blog... and I say right on!! <3 JenniLove from BroomBookandCandle

  3. Thank you for this blog! I often get the PC finger waived at me for shopping at the dollar store for ritual/magickal items... and these people/witches are usually doing so from behind their iphones... I guess the argument is that i shouldnt frequent that store because of where they obtain their stock from... but I feel that its probably also true of Walmart/Target/Nissan/Apple, etc... So, again, I say thank you and right on!! <3 JenniLove Broom,BookandCandle