Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Workings or Spells?


  1. Really liked information in this video! I also do not like to follow someones else words because that just wouldn't mean exactly what I would want to say, or think. I like to 'speak' in my mind, more by imagining my prayer (or should I say my goal). And I like to bring as offerings something that I find and that I would like myself - beautiful fall leave, flower, tiny bird's nest that I found in bush after leaves fell (empty after season, of course!), and similar things. I also grow fresh herbs year round, so like to bring them to the altar for offering. I hope, those things are all acceptable?
    Thank you for sharing your ways on videos and blog - I read/watch everything!

  2. Thanks so much for watching and commenting! Those all sound lovely as offerings. Blessings to you!