Monday, May 27, 2013

Picture Post of Recent Workings

A few photos of recent workings performed during prayer time or for clients. I have not had a lot of time to write here as of late, due to the amount of custom work to attend to each week. If you'd like to purchase a working, the listing can be found here;

Thanks for joining me here and I hope you enjoy the photos! Be blessed folks!

Offering to La Madama

My Altar above my Hoodoo Hoosier Cabinet

Candle to Pomba Gira on behalf of a client.

Working to protect the son of a client.

Evening prayer candle-it was too pretty not to photograph after prayers were done.

Offering of a coconut lamp once it was finished being worked.

My personal Better Business mix; crushed dirt dauber nest, pyrite, iron filings and some secrets.

The inside of a custom fertility gris gris for a client.

Offering of dimes, mullein, pomegranate, white candle and whiskey to The Crossroads spirits and deities.

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