Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ancestral Altar for Samhain

The table set with pomegranate, fresh bread, orange (the dead love citrus) and apple. With water, because they are always thirsty too! Marigolds, for they are the flower of death, and roses for love. Hell bank notes, for some pocket money in the after life and myrrh in my censer so that I may receive their messages.

The candles are of an anonymous Hungarian gypsy  from Ellis Island records and one for Dia  de los Muertos-though it is lit early since that is not celebrated until November 2nd. I don't think the spirits will mind if I invite them to my traditions. There is also a candle dressed every year for Marie Laveau because my god mother, Viva-May, looked exactly like her. Tradition says that we begins to look like our eguns after a while. I believe this was so with her. This year I am honoring those who do not get honored. Those who are nameless and faceless, those forgotten.  Also, a ring from my great grandmother Lucy and a ring from my grandmother Kay are placed on the altar this year.

Myrrh enveloping the censer.

Hell Bank notes in offering to the spirits. May we all be blessed.

Have a blessed week everyone!


  1. As always, you awe, inform, and inspire, Moma Sarah. Love and Light to you this Samhain, you Wise and Generous Soul.

  2. thank you for reading and commenting! i hope you have a blessed samhain and happy solstice! bon chance!