Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blessings in Wait

Once in a while I get the question "How long does it take for this stuff to work?"

They have used a couple of items for a week with no results.

Contrary to popular belief, "magical" items aren't magic and they aren't miracles in bottles. I despise the term "magic" because it insinuates that you will see results as you would with a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Your problems are there and now POOF they're gone!

Nothing does this. There is no miracle diet pill, there is no miracle contraption or potion-there is only us and the vessel we have created. Have we created a strong vessel with thick walls that has been filled and emptied again and again by giving to others? Or have we created one with holes and pits that it sparkling clean from never getting our hands dirty and never bending low to help someone up from the ground? The universe can only fill up what will hold it and we need to first decide if we have earned those blessings.

Why is life so hard? Why are things always going wrong? Well, they aren't, that's our perception. Being human, we perceive ourselves as the center of the universe; everything is about us. If we agree and accept that there is a balance to the universe-light and dark, give and take, full and empty- then how could we ALL be full ALL of the time? How can we ALL be blessed ALL of the time? The truth is while you suffer, one of your brothers or sisters is being blessed because that is balance. And if we were blessed all of the time, WE WOULDN'T EVEN KNOW IT. We don't even know it now most of the time. We don't enjoy the moment we are in or the simple things around us. Rest when it is not your turn to suffer and when it is, be glad that it is your brother or sister's turn to rest.

Items such as candles, oils, incense, etc. are there to help us create a ritual, a new habit, helping us and reminding us to focus on our goal each day. They help create a routine in which we devote time, energy and thought to the changes we want to make in our life.

When we start on a diet or exercise routine, do we expect to lose those 20 lbs in the first week? Then why expect spiritual exercise to be that way? It takes much longer than a week to rid one's self of bad habits and energy and it takes even longer to replace them with healthy ones.

When we work with spiritual items to create a routine, to tempt the Fates to smile fortune upon us, we are asking the entire universe to rearrange it's energy. We ask it to lend us some of the type of energy we want, think we need, or deserve. Pretty selfish huh? Well, it's selfish without offerings, sacrifice, donation, and compassion. If you practice these as PART of your ritual and you will see results. Practice without these and we have a very one-sided, empty, selfish working going on which will only sap our energy and turn the Fates off from blessing us. We must GIVE to GET.

Offerings of our time, necessities, and possessions should be made FIRST-not as a means to get what we want. This takes time though. Lots and lots of time. I have only now reached a point in my life where I help others without ego entering it...and sometimes it still does.

Spells. This is why I don't like "spells" or when people contact me for spells. To me, spells are very one-sided and selfish. They rarely, if ever, any type of offering or donation of goods or time encouraged. The incense, candles, and statues one uses don't count-let's be honest, those are for us not for the spirits. Spells say "hey, I'm going to make this charm or light this candle and charge it with my intentions and I will achieve my goal". Intentions? Intentions are nothing.

Intentions are not enough-ACTION is what matters.

If you want to make more money, look for another job. If you want to receive help, lend help. If you want a new home, help someone who is homeless. If you want a healthy child, visit a sick one.THAT is balance. You have to reach beyond yourself and show good faith. Show that even though you don't have a lot, you are willing to share it or use the resources you DO have to make a better way for yourself and loved ones.

We are not rewarded for sitting on our asses.

If you haven't received the blessings you have asked for from others, the spirits, or deities then ask yourself, "What have I done for THEM lately?"

Or simply say, "It isn't my turn, it's my brother or sister's turn, and I will wait."

So how long does it take? It takes as long as we deserve it to take.


  1. I'd also like to add that occasionally things work differently then we expect. I purchased your Gypsy Blood oil to get rid of my rotten upstairs neighbors. I figured they might just up and move. Nope. Their behavior grew increasingly worse and they ended up causing structural damage to our unit and they did extensive damage to their own unit. Which ultimately got them kicked out of their unit. I never in a million years would've thought it would work out that way, but it did.

    I think its important to be open to whatever end results the fates bring you. Have no expectations except to expect the unexpected!

  2. I think the actual person has to be in the right state of mind and spiritual openness for things to "work" or connect just my own thought...

  3. 'Creating a ritual for routine in order to ask the universe to rearrange it's energy' is a beautiful way to put it....BTW You have a wonderful blog as well...Glad to have found it!! Light and Blessings

  4. yes, i absolutely agree about the unexpected and state of mine. thanks for stopping by and commenting everyone! bon chance!

  5. This is a beautiful message. I often say this to people. "Happy" is not an attainable *constant* state. If you had no bad times, how would you even know what 'happy' was? You have to treat it as though it will never end but know that it will end eventually. Whether it's 2 weeks or 60 years or 3 lifetimes from now... People with love are the most prevalent in my mind. Just because it isn't *your* end-all-be-all doesn't mean you shouldn't feel and act free enough to enjoy it as it lasts. It is, in fact, someone's end-all-be-all; and, you can influence that. Which lessons do you want to teach? What lessons do you even have to teach? Why? Because sometimes you have to just serve the purpose instead of being served...times to come, someone will serve you in this way, as well. Just breathe, Be, and do you. Everything else will fall into place...at least as they should and (as an old indian once told me) if you do as you're told.

    Love your posts, love your ethics. Thank you, Sarah.


  6. Beautiful and wise post. I am just now discovering that the energy I've put out there with the help of the Spirit can take some time (even more than a year) to come to fruition. I am grateful. Thank you.