Saturday, October 15, 2011

How To Work a Candle-Hoodoo Style

What you will need;
-A small glass jar such as a small canning Mason jar.
-Salt water and sweet water (honey water).
-Rich, vital soil.
-Celery, feungreek or fennel seed. These seeds are for prosperity and abundance. You can use other seeds appropriate for your working.
-Magnetic sand.
-4 pennies.
-A glass or ceramic bowl of water.
-Solid coloured candle, properly loaded and fixed or dressed.
-A small slip of paper for your petition.

Wash your jar thoroughly with your salt water-leave a bit in the bottom.

Fill your jar half way full with the soil. This can be soil from a special place, such as a crossroads or cemetery, your home, or from your earth pot on your altar. Choose earth that is rich and full of organic matter-not dry dead earth. Pack it so it is firm but not solid. Write a petition to whom you are offering this candle to; Lakshmi for love, Oshun for money, Oya for change, etc. Fold the paper up, folding towards you if you are drawing something to you and away from you of you are ridding yourself of something. Push the folded paper down into the dirt.

Place 4 pennies (sideways) in the dirt, with the heads facing inwards, at each of the 4 directions in the jar. The tops of the pennies should be just above the dirt so they are visible. Sprinkle generously with magnetic sand, covering the pennies and a good portion of the earth.

Make a loose circle by folding in all of the fingers of your right hand to meet your thumb. The opening in your hand should be large enough to fit the candle. Place  your loaded and oiled candle in your hands socket. Do the same with your left hand and place this hand on top of the candle-over the wick. Now, using both hands that are now holding the candle, mount the candle into the earth with strength and purpose. State why you have created this candle-what you are offering it for-what you need. Say this petition 3 times.

Once the candle is in place, fill in around it with more earth then water it with your sweet water in order to draw your goal to you.

Place the entire jar down into a bowl or pan of water and place it on your altar. It should not be submerged to the point that it take son water. Now, light the candle and say your invocation.

You have now planted your request in solid, vital earth. You have created a gorgeous, meaningful offering. You have planted seed, the potential for growth. The pennies and magnetic sand will attract the energy from the elements and directions and the magnetic sand will attract your goal to you. The salt water keeps the desire pure and from the heart. You have projected your petition, your intention, 3 times with the vibration of your voice. These vibrations will go out into the universe, root, and manifest. 3 is the number of Elegba, the Orisha of fate and of Saint Expedite, the Saint of speed. Your request is on it's way-your offering has been delivered.
It is So.

Now, get to workin';)


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