Friday, September 17, 2010

Recommended Readings...

Recently, I've been contacted by quite a few people through Etsy wanting book recommendations. Many of these books are on my required reading list for my coven, and they have all spurred spiritual growth within myself.

Diane Stein-Guide to Goddess craft
Luisah Teish-Jambalaya
Luisah Teish-Carnival of the Spirit
Luisah teish- Jump Up
Sharron Rose-The Path of the Priestess
Susan Weed-The "Healing Wise" series
Szuzannah Budapest-Summoning the Fates
Szusannah Budapest-The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries 1 & 2 Starhawk-Spiral Dance
Stephanie Rose Bird-Four Seasons of Mojo
Stephanie Rose Bird-Sticks, Stones, Roots, and Bones
Milo Riguad-Secrets of Voodoo
Shekinah Mountainwater-Ariadne's Thread
Judith Gleason-Oya, In Praise of the Goddess
Anita Diamont-The Red Tent
Clysta Kinstler-The Moon Under her feet
Lady sabrina-Secrets of Modern witchcraft Revealed

of course, more will follow;)

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