Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Apothecary

I was blessed to find this lovely Hoosier cabinet at a friend's store that serves perfectly as my apothecary for the creation of my wares I sell at It has the original flour/grain storage, pull out enamel top, dry bins, cutting board and drawers. The enamel top is perfect for my oils, as they can be wiped up instead of soaking into the wood. I could take out the old fixtures for more room, like the flour mill, but I don't want to disrespect or ruin the integrity of the piece. It's in great shape despite a little water damage and some replaced hinges. I have absolutely fallen in love with it. I can now work in my dining room and watch my kids in the living room or see them out in the backyard AND, most importantly, I am ORGANIZED! Everything I need to create my concoctions and potions is right at my finger tips! I can finally enjoy seeing my vintage bottles I've collected over the years, instead of hiding them away behind a wooden cabinet door. They are now proudly displayed and being used to hold herbs, resins, and roots, just as they were created to.
I am a firm believer that homes have their own entities and this has moved right in and become a part of us and our home. Now, I just have to find a name for her...


  1. Uhhhh, I am green with envy :-). Beautiful item and looks like you filled it up nicely. I don't have 1/4 of your stuff so I would have a lot of empty space to fill. Speaking of which, I stumbled across your etsy shop and have got 14 items in the cart at this point. Shocked! The Black Nightshade root was taken out because it is apparently sold out. Phew! It's not like I can afford any more items. I guess I wait until next year anyway to avoid the x-mas delivery chaos. Living now (uh, not in sunny Germany anymore) but in the UK now which is quite a distance. Better safe than sorry before anything gets lost.

  2. :) i still have stuff everywhere-but you must be prepared for any situation in my line of work-which means having the proper tools on hand:) bless! thanks for reading!