Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fertile Fields From Ogun

Tuesday is Ogun's day! As Eleggua removes the stones from your field, Ogun cuts away the brush, thorns and branches that prohibit you from sowing your harvest. Sometimes, we can step over a stone but the constant cuts from the brush and thorns can wear us down! They make our soil poor by sapping away the nutrients from the seeds we plant. Pray to Ogun today to remove the constant, small obstacles that are sapping your roots dry! Let him clear the field to make a fertile harvest! Ashe!


  1. Hi are those Saint Expedite cards around the iron nails and railroad spikes? I guess you are charging them for future use...right?

    1. No, they are Saint George prayer cards because that is Ogun's corresponding Saint-not Saint Expedite. I give them away to clients once they've been charged during Holy day celebrations.

  2. They aren't saint expedite, they're saint george which is Ogun's saint counterpart.