Monday, July 20, 2015

Moma Sarah's Traditional Syrup Jar

The following are instructions for a traditionally made syrup jar, made in the fashion I learned and have implimented professionally for over 10 years. Syrup jars typically work much faster I have found. The idea that the syrup flows more easily and readily over the ingredients and over your "goals" makes for an outcome that is just as sweet, without the long wait that some experience with honey jars.

Syrup jars (and honey jars as well) can only be made to draw something to you. You can not create such a jar for negative workings or you will only draw that into your life. These are only to sweeten and draw in goals or people. They are not for separation, hexing or any other type of negative or reversing work-ever.

For love, I begin with an 8 ounce jar (sometimes larger if necessary), 100% pure maple syrup, rose petals I have dried myself either from florist roses or my own wild roses which I prefer, cinnamon sticks, a pair of lodestones, freshly ground coffee with chicory root in it (this can be found at most World Market-type stores), and 5 sweet liquors. I prefer ones like Anisette, coconut rum, Ouzo, 99 Bananas, Blue Curacao, Sambuca, and/or Chambord. Visit your local high-end spirits (as in alcohol) shop and purchase the shot sized bottles near the register. Three is enough is money is an issue. The coffee and chicory works to stimulate speed in your jar (the caffeine in the coffee) while the chicory grounds and root your goal into your life. It works as a metaphysical sealant in my opinion.

For money, most ingredients are the same except I add fresh mint instead of roses and I also add gelt (chocolate coins sold around Hannukah and Christmas, sometimes Easter) high denomination coins such as the gold dollar coins, small square mirrors (found at any craft store) and Hell bank notes in high denominations. You can learn about these HERE.

I then use the appropriate color and type candle-typically pink for relationships and green for prosperity and use HONEY WORKS OIL to dress it. Make sure to use a candle that has a broad enough base so it's not tipping over all the time. My Conjure Candles are made specifically for hoodoo work and are stable on their own. This is a combination of my High John, Come to Me, Mint Bouquet, and Do as I Say oils and it produces wonderful results. This candle will be set on top of the sealed jar and lit daily once everything is added.

The last, and most important ingredient in my opinion-a roll of Lifesavers candy. This is old school but it works. This is not only symbolic of sweetening your situation, an offering to the spirits of Attraction, the symbol of the circle to add the power of completion and manifestation but it's also a way to speed up the work. It's like a metaphysical "Save my life!".

There should be room left in the jar so that you may add personal concerns or any other ingredients you prefer.A name or petition paper-inscribed with the name of the target or with your goal.

Inscribe your name, or the target's name three times on the paper, then cross it by turning the paper 60 degrees and writing you goal three times over it. "Crossing" refers to sealing a goal-not something inherently negative as the internet would have you believe. In the case of a syrup jar, you want to cross you goal or target with your intent.

If working on a target, some of their hair, fingernail clippings, soiled clothing, saliva, blood, or other bodily fluids can be added but this step may be omitted in an emergency. Add the name paper, personal concerns, half the bottle of HONEY WORKS OIL, then light the cigar or cigarette. Take a puff then quickly blow it into the jar and seal it tightly.

Once a day dress the candle with a bit of the oil and burn the candle a bit every day and pray for your desired outcome. Spend time with your jar, learn to use it as a tool. It's not a magic fountain-the jar itself will not bring your goal-it serves as a tool and focal point for your prayers, focus and intention. Replace the candle as needed and burn until your goals have been met.

Once your goal is met, bury it in your front yard or to the east of your home.

Happy hoodooing and bonne chance to you!


  1. This is so cool! Thanks for the ideas! I've heard of using other sweeteners but never tried them. NEVER heard of the Lifesavers, I'll try that. I forgot that I used coffee to speed things up as well- maybe that's what helped so much with this latest jar i did, as opposed to leaving the jar in the sun (which I also did.) Thanks for sharing this great info!

  2. Hi,
    Thank you so much for sharing this information. Could you explain the "Crossing" on one of youtube videos?

    What ingredients would you suggest for mental and spiritual healing? Can that kind of work be done in a syrup/honey jar?

    Have a blessed day,

    1. Hello, typicaly "crossing" just refers to work aimed at a target or yourself. It can be any type of work though the word is usually associated with negative work though this isn't accurate. I don't recommend a honey jar for healing but, rather. working with a dollbaby or poppet and using sympathetic magic. I have a link here and also a video on my you tube channel;