Friday, June 20, 2014

Cemetery Life

Today, I took my two children, and a neighbor friend of theirs, with me to the cemetery on what I refer to as a "conjure run". I had several items on my to-do list and also stumbled upon a few other bounties. First, and foremost, was a stop at the entrance to the cemetery to pay honor to Eleggua. Now, the entrance for us is a bit different than everyone else because we have a secret path that runs directly to the back of the Jewish section of the cemetery from our community. It's a lovely secret that makes us feel special and gives me a discreet spot to stop and pay honor without being disturbed by people and traffic noise.

Next on the list, was finishing a working for a client. This was a two part working which took at least two weeks to complete. Today was the last day and the remnants of the working were to be thrown into a river or buried. The spirits led me to this spot in the cemetery.  I am always prepared with my conjure bag containing a lighter, a trowel, sage, dimes, liquor, my camera and plastic bags to collect trash from the graves and grounds. The children collected eight energy drink cans and one broken wine bottle. They do this, unprompted, which makes for one proud moma:)

I dug the hole and laid the remnants in, covering it and topping it with three dimes to thank Eleggua for his guidance and aid in this working.

I then went to the far east end of the cemetery where I gather many native herbs. There is a large glacial morraine where wonderful specimens of burdock, bindweed and black nightshade grow. All of which are very valuable to me in my work. They are wonderful plant allies that I have worked with for over 15 years.

Burdock. I will use the root, and the burrs when mature, in protection work.

Black nightshade. I will use this in hexing work.

After harvesting, we crossed back over to the south side where this grave spoke to me. I was unable to see it due to the large bush hiding it but I was called to it and discovered it lieing flat as I rounded the bush. I left three dimes, a white flower sprig from the woods and a bit of sage. The sage was nearly extinguished at the point this photo was taken, so I am unsure if it is smoke or a visit.

This is the bush that the grave is behind and almost taken over by.

This is the "angel" that the children love to visit. So we stop and admire her.

Bindweed, which will be used for, you guessed it-bindings!

All in all, a gorgeous and refreshing day. We even got a gentle rain while there and sat beneath a mighty oak to watch it. I love the refreshing fundamental in conjurework of ancestor and worship of the dead. Cemeteries do not have to be a place of harshness, death and sadness. There is so much life to be worshipped there, if we only take a moment to look and listen to the spirits and plants. Many are so eager to share themselves with us and guide us. 

I'll return in a week, with the children, as then the mulberries will be ripe:) I'll also return to collect earths from different different graves to replenish my supply. Some from a judge, some from lovers, and some from children. I was richly rewarded today and did not want to appear greedy to the spirits, so that conjure-run will have to wait.



  1. Just wanted to say I think I fallen in love with someone I never met. Lol! I ran across your site last month for the first time. I am self teaching myself and I ordered some Messenger oil its working a little slow but I have faith and I going to continue working with it until I get my results I want. I think your awesome and I can't wait to order more oils from you. I love how you keep it real with people.

    1. Thanks so much Mary! I appreciate you taking time to read, comment and alos for your support. Many blessings to you.

  2. I had to share this one :) I'm very appreciative. Thank you for taking us on your journey!

  3. Thank you so much for taking us on your journey with you. I'm very appreciative that you took the time to take pics so we could stroll with you :) I must share this!! Thank you again!