Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Ritual for the Earth

Yesterday, in honor of Earth day, I gathered with 6 of my sisters at the Paw Paw river for ritual. This ritual was not to ask for anything or send a petiton out for a client, it was a ritual to give thanks, honor and protection to our mother.

We began with cleansing the space and calling forth the spirits with a censer of myrrh. Myrrh aids in communication and carrying prayers to the spirits.

We began with 6 sticks resting in the earth, forming a pentagon with a center. We then took the multiple colors of yarn we'd all gathered and cut lengths of it. We began by tieing knots in our first length, tieing our gratitude, respect and our wishes for peace and health to the Earth as well as her people into each strand. This formed the circle that bound us and bordered the pentagon.

As we tied our knots, words of reverance, dedication and honor were spoke. Tieing knots can be a very meditative practice and is a woderful activity to stimulate your spiritual focus.

We thanker our mother for ability to gather together, for her waters, for the food she provides, for life and for our brothes and sisters.

We then connected the outside branches, forming a true pentagon, while saying blessings of peace, respect, healing, hope and pledging our dedication and responsibility to caring for this Earth with our everyday choices and action.

As the last step, we connected the outer sticks to the middle branch, creating a symbolic web of protection over the Earth.

We finished by having a feast of wine, with home made pies, salads, fruits and caramel corn while enjoying the river and windy evening. The spirits danced through the leaves, carressing our faces, as to say "We are here and we hear you."

My sisters and I are looking forward to our Saint John's Eve celebration where we will each be renewed and bathed in this river in June!

I hope you all had a blessed Earth day!

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