Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Binding

I was contacted by my dear cousin a few days back about a concern of hers with the possible threat of harm. Of course, being family, I set to work immediately. Here is the working that followed and the process.

I first began my protecting my space with a hand made Archangel Michael incense. I also evoked Oya as she is the great protector of my home, family, and business. I then took a hand poured, Black Figure Candle and inscribed it with the name of the target. I did not load this candle because loading really imbues the candle with your ashe'-not what I wanted here since this was a binding working. 
The candle was then bound, from toe to head and back down again, with dark blue ribbon. This ribbon had been soaked in my Dark Arts Oil

I then poured pure palm oil over the representation. Just as you would bury a charm to protect your home in your yard, or just as you would add sugar to a working to sweeten what you want, I wanted to smother the representation. To cover the target so they keep to themselves and away from my family. A sort of symbolic cacoon or blanket to keep their energy and actions contained. This can also be done with mineral oil or motor oil but I don't recommed motor oil as it is toxic and can not be diposed of by buring or tossing into water.

I then covered the representation in crushed dirt dauber nest to seal the hex and also Guinea pepper to control the target. Dirt daubers ake there hard tunnel-like nests from thick mud. It completely encases them which makes this ingredient appropriate for bindings and hexes. The thick palm oil causes these to stick nicely to the representation.

A close up of the representation, now lit. Hexes followed for the next hour or so.

Double flames are a good sign in my workings and I recieve them often. In this case, I interpret the flame represents the seperation of the target from the circumstance. I also didn't mind the entire front of the representation then falling off and burning...

This is the final pool, which is still burning. The remnants will be taken to a swamp-a "dead" body of water rather than a "living" body of water. Living bodies of water, such as lakes, are typically used to imbue things with lively abundant energy. Rivers, though they are live, are often used to carry things away from you such as old partners or habits due to the fact that they flow away from us. A lake will always bring things back to shore so please take this into conideration when disposing of working remnants. Swamps are stagnant pools of water, few living things thrive in them, which is why I find them appropriate for binding workings. You can be certain that your representation will sink to the bottom and rot. They will NOT be washed back to shore.

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