Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Time at The House o' Hoodoo

We are almost ready to clean out the last bit of fall leaves that blew back in, add some compost to the beds from our bin that has been collecting scraps all winter, and get a few new plants for the gardens. Today I harvested Orris roots and Solomon Seal roots whose fuschia tips are just poking through the cold, damp ground. Everything is prepared and drying in a low oven at this moment. Off to see what else I can dig my fingers into! Below are some photos from today's romp. Be blessed!

The wild ginger is just sending up it's little sails from expansive mat of stems. Soon they will be  adorned with dainty maroon bells that hang softly beneath the large, lily pad like leaves.

The Dog Tooth Violets are just getting their buds. Soon drooping yellow bells
will be held pertly above thin green stems.

Trillium-one of my favorites due to their triple leaved and petaled form. This one is either red or purple when in bloom-I know from the spotted leaves it will not be yellow or white. This is also the source of Dixie John or Low John roots.

My beautiful huge Hellebore. I have several. Their amazingly resilient, crisp and perfect blooms will be used in
old fashioned flying oils and ointments.

Catkins hanging from my Harry Lauder's Walking Stick tree. One of my favorite sights of spring.

My weather vain that my husband found for sale at one of the local orchards.
We just had to get it:)

One of our hand made bird baths.

Wild violets which will be used in salads and desserts this week.
Perhaps a violet infusion for lovely spring drinks too!

Another Trillium unfurling it's triple Goddess leaves.

Blooms from my Squill roots. 

Coltsfoot ready to burst. My favorite remedy for coughs and colds. The leaves are lovely for tinctures and
 to smoke to remedy the lungs.

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