Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Month of Work-January Picture Post

Just a quick picture post of this month's work so far. I want to start to record each month's creations and workings here, so I can look back through the years. Enjoy!

Doll Babies

Loteria Mojo Hands

Conception Gris Gris

Tools of wood, horn, bone, clay, and stone for my work.

Binding Set

Saint Medals

Coyote Foot Bones

Babalu Aye's Day

Offering to The Virgin of Guadelupe

Protection Mojo
Working for Saint Jospeh for my husband.

Winter Solstice Ritual

Novena for Saint Martha for a client.

1 comment:

  1. These are (awful pun not intended) spellbinding photos. Thank you. I don't believe I've encountered you working with doll babies before, so that's new for me. I've never done much with them myself.