Thursday, February 16, 2012

How To Work A Novena

A novena is a nine-day period of private or public prayer to obtain special graces, to implore special favors, or to make special petitions. Novena is derived from the Latin "novem", meaning "nine". 

Why a novena and not a spell? A novena requires one to petition a specific deity, spirit or saint(s) to hear and grant your request. Novenas are a working that I will perform WITH a client. Therefore, they are doing the work as well and are also responsible for the outcome. Novenas can be considered a type of spell in themselves but have the potential to work much better in my opinion. This is a service I like to extend to my clients because of the result it can achieve. In 9 days one can change their attitude, outlook and focus therefore, replacing a bad habit with a good habit,by making better choices and changing their life.

The most important part of the novena is faith. You may not know how your request will be solved or attended to but you must believe. Just because we do not know or see the answer does not mean the answer does not exist. Many believe that novenas are the most powerful working simply because of the dedication and faith they require. In my experience I have only ever had a novena "not work" one time in 15 years. 

Say each day you devote an hour to meditating/focusing/praying on a solution to your issue. By the end of the week you will have spent 9 hours focusing on your goal! That's a lot! even if you spent a half hour a day that is still much longer than most spells are attended to.  It is key to pray for a solution instead of praying about the problem. This is what i call "praying to the problem" and lots of people do this. If you are praying about the problem, you will completely defeat your own efforts by placing focus on the exact thing you wish to be rid of. The spirits already know what the problem is-what they want to know is what you are going to do about it. 

Most novenas begin on Sunday as this is the Sabbath and is traditional. However, if you know you will be petitioning a specific deity or saint, use their day to begin on. I recommend collecting 9 separate taper of votive candles plus any screen printed or labeled novena jar candles that are appropriate in meaning as these burn for 120 hours and will last most of the duration of the working. 

This is the colour of candle I choose to use on each day;

*Repeat the days you need to depending which day you begin on.

I recommend placing a new petition paper under the taper or votive you will be burning for that day, letting the candle burn out completely while your novena candle continues to be lit for as long as you can allow. It is believed that the novenas outcome can be strengthened by performing your prayers/meditations at the same time each day. Especially when repeated both morning and night, as this doubles the amount of time dedicated to the working.

The prayers;

Sunday-Blessed is this day which I have received. Blessed are the earth, skies, and seas. Blessed is the light and the dark; day and night, birds and beasts, spirit and body. Let me use this day well and let me not wander from my faith.

Monday- Let me be guided this day to keep my heart light, my hands clean, and my mind directed toward the divine. Keep my words clear of lies and deceit. I am open and ready to receive my ashe'.

Tuesday-Let the change I ask for be slight and full of ease. Grant me strength and wisdom to handle the difficulties of the day. Let my faith and diligence be ever sufficient to carry out my goal. Let me be a fountain of strong light.

Wednesday-Restore my spirit, liberate my soul. Let my heart by filled with compassion and peace. Renew my strong spirit so that I may steer clear of troubles and help others who may have fallen on hard times. Know that my light shines for the divine, for the divine is within me.

Thursday- I ask that my prayers be heard and my faith be restored, should it falter. I have made mistakes and am willing to correct them and work on my faults so these mistakes will not be made again. Please clear my path of those who wish to block it or who do not wish me well. 

Friday- Help me to love those who care for me, be kind to those who wish me harm, and learn from those who have hurt me. Help me show compassion for those who suffer, whether I know them or not. Keep my voice gentle, my mind open, my heart filled with joy, and my spirit fueled by the blessings of the energy within all life.

Saturday-Let me receive shield and refuge, strength and freedom. Let justice be shown to the oppressed, forgiveness to faults, and healing to those who suffer. 

After each prayer for the corresponding day, state your request. Be clear, direct, and specific. Write it out before hand if you need to and read it but I recommend you speak from the heart each day. I find this to be more pure and the intent more powerful. Don't be afraid to speak to your deities or spirits, they have already heard and seen everything already:)

Lastly, burn your petition in offering to the deities and spirits.



  1. This concept is not far from what I do to petition Ganesh...only much shorter as I will do Ganesh mantra 108 times for 108 days to remove obstacles from a goal (usually something quite large, given the time frame).
    I will have to add this to my book and give it a try. Thank you for posting it.

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting! I love hearing about the practices of others:) bless!