Friday, September 17, 2010

Oya's Altar

Autumn is Oya's season and with each day growing crisp and cool it is obvious that She is here. The leaves become the 9 colors of her skirt, the cool winds blow in the change of season and blows out stagnation. She brings us cool change but warms our hearts in order to be open and accepting to that change.

Change is inevitable-ignore her and it will be fierce and abrupt, honor her and it will be slight and with ease .

Oya's altar is decorated with 2 images of her, 2 rainbow candles, a small Kali statue (her hindu aspect) a large, sliced eggplant, a whole coconut (used as the mouth of Oya) drained of milk, plum grapes, fresh patchouli from my garden, red and purple skull candles, the largest osha, high john, dixie john, galangal, and orris roots I could grow;), horse teeth and bones, earth from Ethiopia, she butter (her favorite!) 9 pennies, copper pieces, garnets (another favorite) red tiger eye, and rainbow coloured stones-chalcopyrite, opal, pietersite-all of which come from Africa. Ashe!