Monday, February 15, 2010

My latest creation, just for my Hoodoo Hunnies out der!

Arabka Soudager-Specialty Oil-Business, Abundance, Manifestation, Love

Arabka Soudager-Specialty Oil-Business, Abundance, Manifestation, Love


I have researched this name for a long time, and can not find the meaning of it, only that it appears to be rooted in Arabic. It is, however, a phenomenal recipe that packs a hoodoo wallop!
This recipe has been used for ages for more and better business and a better love life!
This oil rids you of blockages and purifies and calms the mind, thus leading to success. Most of the time, I find people have placed these blockages in their own minds. They don't think their ideas are good enough, or that their not smart enough, or not worth enough to have a successful life! Come know you got it goin' on!
Let this oil help rid your mind of those negative thoughts holding your love and prosperity back! You deserve to be successful in love and life! Work hard, be honest, say a little prayer, throw some of this on a candle...and you're set hunny!
Created with Frankincense, rose, vanilla, cinnamon, and fresh crushed tonka bean.
Smells fantastic! Anoint yourself, wallet, door, cash box, register, front steps, you name it! The more you use the more ideas you create and that is the goddess speaking to you! 5 ml amber bottle with natural cork.

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